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Eversource Encourages Customers to Take Advantage of Payment Plans

Submitted by Tricia Modifica, Eversource.

BERLIN, Conn. (June 10, 2021) – As COVID-19 pandemic restrictions ease significantly and people adjust to a new “normal,” Eversource is alerting non-residential customers in Connecticut that the suspension on utility service disconnections for non-payment is ending for them on Tuesday, June 15th. The energy company’s residential electric and natural gas customers remain protected from service disconnections.
Eversource is reminding all customers there are payment plans available to help and will also prevent service disconnection. Especially as residential customers use up to 35% more energy in the summer months. Customers are encouraged to take advantage of the company’s easy energy efficiency solutions that can help customers keep their homes cool while managing energy use.
“It’s been more than a year since the pandemic began and we suspended disconnections, and while the last thing we want to do is disconnect service to any customer, unpaid energy bills increase costs for all customers,” said Eversource Vice President of Customer Operations Jess Cain. “We encourage any customer, non-residential or residential, who is having trouble paying their bill to contact us immediately so we can work with them and get them enrolled in one of the many programs we offer that can help and protect them from having their service disconnected.”
Non-residential customers eligible for disconnection will receive multiple letters in the mail from Eversource letting them know that their service is scheduled to be shutoff for non-payment and steps they should take to avoid disconnection. As a reminder, the energy company will never call threatening to shut off power and demanding immediate payment.
Regardless of financial need, all Eversource customers, residential and non-residential, are eligible for the COVID-19 payment plan that allows them to pay a past-due balance over a period of up to 24 months with no interest charges and no down payment. Enrollment in the program has been extended to July 20. Customers can also learn more about payment programs and enroll online at or call Eversource at 800-682-3637. Information on energy efficiency programs is available at

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