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Rockfall Foundation Hosts Program on Invasive Plants

Submitted by Pete Weiss

(April 18, 2024) — In today’s world, the spread of non-native invasive plants has become a significant environmental concern. These plants, thriving outside their native habitats, can outcompete local species, disrupt ecosystems, and threaten biodiversity. As a result, effective management of invasive species is crucial for environmental conservation.



Non-native invasive plants often outcompete native species for essential resources. This disruption can negatively impact local wildlife populations and alter soil chemistry, further destabilizing ecosystems. By identifying and removing these plants early on, we can protect native ecosystems and ensure their long-term health and resilience.


If you would like to learn more about managing invasive plants, join us on May 5, 2024 at Rockfall Forest in Middlefield for an Educational Invasive Plant Workshop and Cleanup Party. Hosted by the Rockfall Foundation and Everyone Outside, this program will show you how to identify and remove invasive plants safely. You can even sample some unique invasive plant recipes.


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