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How and Where to Recycle in Haddam

By Linda Talbott, Haddam Sustainability Committee

(November 7, 2023) — The Haddam Transfer Station allows Single Stream Recycling as well as the ability to recycle soft/stretchy plastic in a new bin located right before the household trash bins.  Volunteers are needed to help the Haddam Sustainability Committee to bring this plastic up to Stop & Shop in Middletown.  Please contact the committee at if you are interested in helping out.  The Town of Haddam earns a new bench made of recycled plastic from TREX if we generate 500 pounds of this plastic in six months.  So far, we have four benches. PLEASE put your soft plastics in a plastic bag so volunteers don’t have to.

Many of you have questions about what can and cannot go into Single Stream.  Recycle CT is an app you can put on your phone, or you can check out their site on your computer.  Type in what the item is, and it will tell you: Trash or Recycle. The Sustainability Committee is sending out a Recycle Flyer insert in the Haddam-Killingworth News.  Post it somewhere in your house for reference!

In addition to the above, you can recycle used, clean clothing, shoes, purses, backpacks, belts, stuffed animals, towels, linens in the Baystate Textiles bin located at the Transfer Station (TS) and also at the one on Jail Hill Road outside the Annex Building.  These items need to be clean and in a bag. The Town of Haddam earns $150/ton for items collected there, Social Services earns the same amount at their bin and the HKIS and HKHS also earn $150 for items collected at their Baystate Bins.  These bins can collect “good” clothes, etc., but also ripped or stained items that you would ordinarily put in the trash.  Remember, the Community Closet in the Social Services Office at the Annex would like your “good” stuff! If the bin at the TS is full, please do not leave your bagged items on the ground.  Go to the Annex or HKIS or HKHS bins.

Take 2 takes all light bulbs and batteries as well as computers, TV’s, printers and other electronics.   Mattresses are recycled at the Transfer Station as well as metal and tires.   Used oil and anti-freeze can be recycled at the TS also.

Food Scraps are recycled into the Blue Earth Compost bins located next to the Swap Shack.  Blue Earth is the certified food scrap hauler that brings the food scraps to Quantum Biopower in Southington. There, it is converted into compost and also uses the contained methane byproduct to make Biogas, which helps to supply electricity to the Town of Southington. Since this program began, Haddam has removed 42.54 tons of food scraps out of the Municipal Solid Waste.

There are still starter kits in the Town Office Building if you wish to have one.  They are not necessary to participate in this program, but they can make your participation more convenient.  Each kit contains a roll of 25 compostable bags used to line the black vented countertop bin.  Once the bag is full, tie a knot in it and place the bag into the six gallon green transport bin which you can use to transport your food scraps to the TS.  The kits are a $25 donation and extra rolls of bags are $5 a roll.

The Swap Shack is there to find things you may need in your household.  Do not leave things that don’t work in there.  Try to keep it neat.  Find a shelf to put your items on. Children’s car seats, mattresses and liquor are not allowed.

The Public Works Department has a Transfer Station page on the town website,, if you have any questions.

The Town Office Building will take bagged soft plastic, razors, toothpaste tubes, shampoo bottles, batteries and lightbulbs.  There is a small recycling area right at the front entrance.


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