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Halfinger Farms Owner Named “Champion of the Environment

Submitted by Jen Halfinger
(November 7, 2023) — Farming is alive and well in our beautiful town of Haddam!  On November 4, 2023, the Connecticut River Coastal Conservation District held its 76th annual meeting.  Awards were presented to four “Champions of the Environment,” including Higganum resident John Halfinger of Halfinger Farms Greenhouses and Pick Your Own Daffodils.
John was recognized as a soil health advocate. His work to promote no-till growing practices was highlighted, especially his work managing the no-till equipment loan program for the Regional Agricultural Council, of which John serves as Chairman.
(Above photo, left to right: Jane Brawerman, Executive Director CRCCD; John Halfinger, Owner, Halfinger Farms Greenhouses and Pick Your Own Daffodils; State Rep. Christine Palm; Jeanne Davis, previous CRCCD Executive Director; Bill Milardo, previously of Durham Public Health; Denise Savagesu, Chair, CRCCD)
No-till growing is a more refined way of growing field crops. It eliminates the use of plowing and other destructive soil practices, focusing rather on the use of cover crops and specialized equipment that inserts seeds through the undisturbed soil at planting.  Halfinger Farms has been growing this way for nineteen years, allowing them to conserve topsoil, fuel, water, time and the living organisms below the soil surface.
Photo by Jen Halfinger

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