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Cooking Company to close Tylerville location

By Kathy Brown.

This past June marked twenty years for the Cooking Company’s Tylerville location, its first store. Unfortunately, that store will be closing at the end of September.

Tylerville location

We talked to owner Sue Bauer to find out the reasons. She said that the gate that was installed on the driveway into the plaza from Bridge Road affected business. Also, her lease was coming up for renewal and it was for five years. There are two big construction projects coming up that could affect that area – Swing Bridge construction will start spring of 2022 and take three years to complete, and the roundabouts construction will be spring 2023 to fall 2024. Sue asked her landlord for a shorter lease, but unfortunately that wasn’t a possibility.

The good news is that the Middletown location (at 350 Main Street, First Floor) – which has been closed since the pandemic started – will reopen when Tylerville closes. The Killingworth location (at 187 Route 81) remains open as well.

“[We’ve had] great customers over the years,” said Sue. “We appreciate them so much. We will miss the customers [who don’t follow us to our other stores]. People have made the experience great.”

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