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Haddam’s Cherished Blue Oar Restaurant Closing

By Sharon Challenger

Some people may be surprised to learn that local Facebook pages often have tidbits of news that are revealed to just a few. Today, social media has become a sort of “grapevine” when it comes to the “goings on” about town.

While browsing through the Haddam and Killingworth pages, I came across a news item that stood out. It was the announcement that Haddam’s Blue Oar restaurant would be closing. The owners made their announcement on their Facebook page and the news was rapidly shared and commented on by many.

The Blue Oar announcement read as follows:

After 26 years since opening the Blue Oar it is with a heavy heart and careful consideration we’ve decided to close. There are many reasons for making this decision; most are out of our control. We would like to thank our amazing and loyal customers, friends and employees. For those who don’t already know, we also own (for the past 18 years) Simon’s Marketplace in Chester. Please come by and visit us in Chester and at our seasonal outdoor cafe at Ballek’s Garden Center in East Haddam (opening again soon).
With much appreciation,

Jim and Jody

Having dined at the Blue Oar with my husband over many summers, I was saddened to read this news.  We always enjoyed our time there and we will miss them!

The Blue Oar is set directly on the Connecticut River and has such a lovely view of boats passing by.

Their brightly colored picnic tables neatly arranged on their grounds, seem to say, “welcome, sit, relax and enjoy a meal!”

One important ritual that draws people together is a dining experience.  It is a time where we share a table, conversation, and enjoy a sense of community.  Whether we dine with family or friends, one things is certain, conversation takes place. We share, in person, up close and personal.  During the past three years, so much time was spent in isolation from others. It made many realize what a gift it is to spend time with others, especially outdoors and over plates of tasty food.

The Blue Oar provided their followers with such an experience, and they will be greatly missed by residents and tourists alike.

The news of their closing inspired nearly 300 fans of their Facebook page to express their thoughts and feelings.

“So sad, what a big loss for our town!” L.M.

“So sorry for this news!! Loved relaxing on the porch after a day of boat work- looking out at the River.” P.R.

“Blue Oar will be greatly missed, as well as the beautiful ambiance you created for the Connecticut River.” M.E.

“This is sad news! Best wishes to you all and thank you for all the fun and good food!! You will be missed by all, especially the marina people !!!” P.M.

“Our favorite spot……spend most of the Father’s Days of the last 15 years there.” M.M.

“We’ll miss The Blue Oar. Thank you for all the wonderful summers here, great food & desserts!!” H.N.

“The Blue Oar was my favorite place to go to eat. I’m so sad. Was looking forward to coming for a meal when I came back to Connecticut from Florida.” G.R.

While Haddam’s  Blue Oar Restaurant will be closing, friends were welcomed by Jim & Jody to visit them at Simon’s Market in Chester, and at their seasonal outdoor cafe at Ballek’s Garden Center in East Haddam.

Photos courtesy of The Blue Oar Restaurant

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