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2021 Candidates: Killingworth Town Clerk

We reached out to both the Killingworth Republican Town Committee and the Killingworth Democrat Town Committee and asked candidates to respond to a set of questions; if a candidate did not respond, their name is listed, so that you know who is running for each office.

Updates from all candidates are welcome and will be published as Letters to the Editor. The questions posed to the candidates were:

  • Tell us a little about yourself.
  • Why are you running for the position?
  • What do you see as the important issues facing Killingworth and how would you address them in your role?
  • What are the key things you love about this town and its people?
  • Additional thoughts to leave voters with?

Dawn Mooney (D; cross endorsed by R): I have served as Killingworth’s Town Clerk/Registrar of Vital Statistics for six years, and served as Assistant Town Clerk/Assistant Registrar of Vital Statistics for the seven years before that.  Both my experience and qualifications make me ideally suited to serve in this position.  Not only do I hold a Bachelor’s Degree from Connecticut College, but additionally I have earned and maintain Connecticut Town Clerk Certification, Master Connecticut Town Clerk Certification and Connecticut Municipal Officer Certification.  A member of the Connecticut Town Clerks Association since 2008, I was elected its Secretary and served on its Executive Board from 2017 to 2021. I am also a member of the New England Association of City and Town Clerks and the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities.  In addition, I have held the position of Killingworth Deputy Town Treasurer since 2009, previously served on the town’s Health and Safety Committee and am a long-time associate member of the Killingworth Historical Society.

I have worked tirelessly to maintain, preserve and provide access to Killingworth’s records and safeguard our election processes while adhering to the highest standards of professionalism and confidentiality.  I am running for re-election as Town Clerk to continue the tradition of accuracy, efficiency and good will for which our Town Clerk’s Office is known.

One critical issue currently facing every town is ensuring the accuracy and security of our elections.  As Town Clerk, I am responsible for safeguarding the entire absentee ballot process, from receiving the voter’s absentee ballot application to delivering voted absentee ballots to the polls on Election Day.  It is my responsibility to ensure that every Killingworth voter has the opportunity to cast their vote and have it counted on Election Day, even if they are unable to safely vote in person at the polls.  I am proud to say that during the 2020 Presidential Election, the Killingworth Town Clerk’s Office successfully issued, processed, protected and delivered to the polls an unprecedented 1700+ absentee ballots (representing a 400% increase over our previous number for a presidential election).

As a Killingworth resident, homeowner and taxpayer for over 29 years, I have always loved the strong sense of community and small-town appeal that Killingworth offers. But, the single thing I am most grateful for is Killingworth’s residents!  Just pay a visit to Parmelee Farm and you will experience first-hand the serenity of nature that a group of hard working and dedicated Killingworth residents has restored.  Or attend a sporting event at Irene Sheldon Park or Eric W. Auer KRP to see the beautiful facilities created by the vision of another group of residents.  And of course, the dedicated members of the ambulance and fire companies that serve our community are never to be overlooked.  Killingworth’s residents are the town’s greatest blessing.

I understand the importance of fiscal responsibility and meticulous record keeping, while providing outstanding service, and will always greet visitors to town hall with a smile and provide compassionate, attentive and timely service to all.  Please vote for me on November 2 to continue the tradition of accuracy, efficiency and good will in the town clerk’s office.  It has been my honor to serve as Killingworth’s Town Clerk.

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