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Tylerville Roundabouts Project: Two-Week Look-Ahead

Submitted by Sara Mendillo

(July 10, 2024) — The Connecticut Department of Transportation has provided the following two-week lookahead for the Tylerville Roundabouts project in Haddam.

Drainage will be installed from the Tylerville garage, moving toward the Northern Roundabout. This work should take place at night with minor impacts to traffic.  The contractor has indicated that they have been able to maintain two lanes of traffic, but said that they may have to go down to alternating one-way traffic, if necessary.

The Southern Roundabout will continue to be very active. Most of the work here is off the roadway behind the barrier and pertains to the bridge construction.  The current orientation is the staging for the foreseeable future and therefore the only impacts to traffic should be deliveries of material, electrical work and minor line striping.

Please note that all of the traffic patterns or project work are subject to change as necessary.

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