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HVFC Takes Part in Rope-and-Knots Drill

By Olivia Drake, HVFC Public Information Officer
(July 10, 2024) — On June 8, 2024 members of the Haddam Volunteer Fire Company participated in a rope and knots drill at Station One.
Deputy Chief Jed Morrissey, who has taken multiple rope rescue classes, taught the drill, leading with a classroom discussion on the various gear and tools that can be used during a rescue.
Members then practiced strapping webbing in a diamond pattern to secure a patient to a litter basket, and then observed multiple tools, including harnesses, ropes and straps, anchoring plates, pulleys, swivels, and more.
They then went outside and set up a 3:1 haul system using a pulley and rope to let members feel the difference with mechanical advantage, as opposed to using their own strength.
“Haddam’s terrain is rocky and full of steep ledges, and it’s very probable a hiker could slip and fall off a trail. Being able to safely access a patient through a rope rescue is a crucial skill for firefighters to have,” Morrissey said.
Photos by Olivia Drake

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