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Real Estate transactions Sept. 1 – 30, 2021


From Htfd. Courant


Property on N/A, J. B. Murphy to Rock Landing LLC, 9/3/21, $1,200,000

16 Williamsburg Rd., A. Gentile-Pollack and N. I. Pollack, Jr. to J. Owen and C. Sepulveda, 9/1/21, $667,000

23 Olson Pl., R. and C. J. Bylo to C. M. Stella, 9/1/21, $368,000

53 Parker Hill Rd., S., R. L. and E. A. Bochman to K. W. and P. Logan, 9/1/21, $400,00

97 Dublin Hill Rd., D. J. and J. M. Dembowski to S. K. and A. W. Fitzgerald, 9/2/21, $364,000

142 Old Chester Rd., R. W. Geist and K. J. Cerullo to M. R. and L. Lariviere, 9/1/21, $925,000

632 Wiese Albert Rd., Tonkowicz Allan F. Est. and N. J. Cossette to S. B. Wozniak, 9/1/21, $350,000

1190 Saybrook Rd., R. L. and M. A. Reynolds to C. J. and E. N. Wilkos, 9/3/21, $300,000

63 Burr Rd., K. M. and S. A. Waterman to R. A. Maynard, 9/7/21, $280,000

175 Pokorny Rd., M. A. and K. M. Peluso to L. and R. Riccio, 9/9/21, $415,000

27 Bartman Rd., G. and B. Gallo to S. Johnson, 9/15/21, $377,000

116 Oxbow Rd., B. and M. Olenick to M. A. and S. Schaefer, 9/13/21, $565,000

156 Christian Hill Rd., G. Chiarella-Hooper and R. M. Hinze to J. Chiarella, 9/13/21, $177,000

188 Old Chester Rd., M. Virginia L Est. and D. E. Perreault to B. P. Vitelli, 9/17/21, $301,000

323 Hidden Lake Rd., P. V. and K. A. Gregaitis to K. and T. Prendergast, 9/14/21, $387,500

60 Keith Cir., A. Vincent to L. H. and M. M. Greenwood, 9/7/21, $535,000

38 Lilac Ln., D. R. and S. L. Catenaro to C. and J. M. Olender, 9/20/21, $592,000

232 Grape Vine Rd., J. and E. Newgard to A. Vanwinkle, 9/20/21, $240,000

2 Calliari Pl., J. S. Pagano to K. A. Micari and E. R. Miller, 9/29/21, $185,000

164 Pokorny Rd., K. Roth to C. L. Rosano, 9/27/21, $275,000

186 Brainard Hill Rd., H. M. Herrington and W. P. Ridgeway to A. L. Defrance 5th and K. Defrance, 9/27/21, $650,000

378 Saybrook Rd., B. W. and A. J. Purdy to B. R. and J. Shatraw, 9/27/21, $431,000



Property on N/A, T. W. and K. L. Nelson to J. P. and S. Obrien, 9/22/21, $452,278

21 Surrey Ridge Rd., L. Marotti to M. and D. Trusty, 9/23, $1,100,000

50 Chittenden Rd., A. B. and C. M. Cohen to J. M. and K. I. Ludington, 9/27/21

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