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Measuring a Walk at Haddam Meadows

By Philip R. Devlin
(July 25, 2023) — Lots of people go to Haddam Meadows State Park for exercise. At almost any time of day, you can see joggers and walkers—many with dogs— at the Meadows. Count me among them. I usually walk around the grass oval and have often wondered just how far once around the oval is.
Well, the guesswork is over. I took a surveyor’s Rollatape (above) and walked the perimeter with it along with my oldest grandson, Liam. Here’s the result: 4,176 feet or 1,104 feet short of a mile.
That is just a few feet shy of four-fifths of a mile.
The paved oval that takes you to the boat launch is easy to measure with a car’s odometer. It is a few feet more than a full mile. Now you know!
Photos by Philip Devlin

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