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Letter to the Editor: In Support of Amy Roberts-Perry for Killingworth First Selectwoman

The views stated here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the editors of this newspaper. We welcome supporting or opposing views on any published item. Received August 29, 2023. 

Amy Roberts-Perry, (my wife) is currently running for the office of First Selectwoman of the town of Killingworth.  I would like to take a minute to tell you why she should get your vote at the Republican Primary on Sept. 12, 2023.

Too often, people become involved in town politics to feel important and to satisfy some inner need for recognition. Quite often, these same people are not willing to do the small jobs that help the town to move forward because of the lack of recognition. The same people will somehow find the time to argue with those who are doing the work, and to show up and make noise at meetings where they can get their much-needed attention without doing anything.

There is no room in a small town for political games.  When people get beyond the games and apply those energies to the benefit of the community, everyone is better off. What’s more important, someone’s ego or the school system, the town infrastructure, and well-being of the residents?  Amy has never played games, but instead has been involved in doing what she could do to help the town.

Amy and I moved into town in 1990.  We bought land here and completed building our home in 2001.  Several years later (2004), Amy decided to get involved with the community, becoming a member of the Scholarship Committee and the P.A.Y.T. (recycling) Committee.  She is still a member of the Scholarship Committee, is Republican Deputy Registrar of Voters, and has completed the state course to be a Moderator.  None of these things were done to gain personal recognition, but rather to be involved with the community in which we live.

In fact, these are all positions that get a job done without giving recognition to the people doing them.  While she has attended numerous meetings, asked many questions, and provided input, it has never been done in an argumentative manner to try to draw attention to herself.  She is too professional to become loud or obnoxious to draw attention; instead, she relies on information and facts to justify her actions and beliefs.  We should have a candidate who is more concerned with working for the town and its people, than satisfying their own ego.

Fred Perry, Killingworth

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