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HKYFS Presents Internet Safety Expert Scott Driscoll October 16th

Submitted by Jennifer Favalora, HKYFS Interim Executive Director

(October 2, 2023) — In today’s digital world, where children are growing up as “digital natives,” ensuring their online safety has become a top priority for parents and educators. The internet, while a valuable resource for learning and connecting, presents a myriad of risks for children and teens. As youth increasingly spend time online, from accessing educational resources to connecting with friends and entertaining themselves, protecting them from online dangers is more critical than ever.

To shed light on this important subject, Haddam-Killingworth Youth and Family Services has invited Scott Driscoll, the founder of Internet Safety Concepts, to a Zoom conversation for Haddam and Killingworth parents and caregivers to discuss strategies and insights for safeguarding youth in the digital age.

With a law enforcement and cybersecurity background, Scott Driscoll brings an in-depth understanding of the online threats children face. He helps parents understand the risks children may encounter, from cyberbullying and inappropriate content to digital footprints, and the importance of proactive measures.

Driscoll provides practical strategies to protect children online, including setting up parental controls, monitoring online activities, and educating youth about online safety. These actionable steps empower parents to safeguard their children effectively.

Parents and caregivers are invited to attend this online conversation on October 16, 2023 at 6:30 p.m. through Zoom.  You can access the Zoom link on the events page of the website or the Haddam-Killingworth Youth and Family Services Facebook Page.

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