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Girls Lacrosse 2024: HKHS Beats Valley 19-7

By Janice Calvi-Ruimerman

(May 15, 2024)Ball possession on draw became routine for the Haddam Killingworth High School Girls Lacrosse team on May 13, 2024, as the Cougars took on Valley Regional in Deep River.

The first possession by Ava Ramino, with a pass to Aly Campbell for the goal, put HK on the board, while Samantha “Sammy” Ruimerman pulled possession off the draw to leverage a multi-pass play to Seanna “SeaSea” Ruimerman to Jaimey DiNapoli for a goal and a run-in play by Sammy to a goal for a 3-0 lead at the start.

HK pulled in three more goals quickly with a center sinker from Aly to Ava for a goal, then Jaimey to Ava for a goal and Aly to SeaSea for a goal. Possession on draw, ground balls, pass interceptions, long passes, and power plays had HK clearly controlling the field with an 11-4 lead going into the half. HK’s defensive line of Peyton Tyler, Brigitte Battistoni, Maddie Catalano and Sonya Luneau forced turnovers and became a formidable shield for the HK net, where goalie Gabby Williams held it down and motivated the offense with “You got this, HK!”

In a classic “box out the goalie,” Aly and SeaSea caused a turnover by Valley’s goalie to Ramino for another goal. The clock began to run as Sammy Ruimerman hit another for a ten-point lead over Valley (14-4).  And three more goals by SeaSea, Sammy, then Jaimey, gave HK a 17-4 lead going into the third quarter, allowing HK’s starting line to rest as the next line held the field, giving up only two goals and gaining one by Chloe Oboma.

To finish off this game, HK cleared the win with a 19-7 victory over Valley. Goals for this game were earned by co-captain Sammy Ruimerman (3); Aly Campbell (3); Jaimey DiNapoli (3); Ava Ramino (5);  SeaSea Ruimerman (4) and Chloe Oboma (1)

Great game, Ladies. Remember: “possession is key,” and “box out!”

See the full season’s game schedule on HKHS Athletics website.

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