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Free Trees at the Town-wide Tag Sale May 22, 2021

By Terry Twigg, Haddam Garden Club.

The Haddam Garden Club is pleased to announce that the Bartlett Tree Experts will be giving away native dogwood trees from the club’s booth at the town-wide tag sale on May 22.  The giveaway is part of the company’s Bartlett Legacy Tree Program:

Our Arborists personally distribute over 25,000 tree seedlings to students, community groups, local reforestation efforts, and more each year.  Our goal is not only to get these seedlings into the ground, but to teach and inspire our communities (especially our youth) to care for trees—and to plant even more of them!

Come meet Dan Natusch, our regional Bartlett expert, at the club’s location in the HES parking lot.  Dan will share trees and answer your tree questions.  The trees are first come, first served.   All we ask is that, before you take a tree, you have a spot in mind for it, so that no seedlings are lost waiting for their new owners to decide where they should be planted.


Sharon Challenger
Sharon Challenger
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