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Durham Fair 2019

By Kathy Brown.

The 100th Durham Fair was held this year, Sept. 26-29, 2019, and as always, was very popular with Haddam and Killingworth residents.

Killingworth Lions

The Killingworth Lions Club had a food booth, and the Haddam Volunteer Fire Company members once again provided support. “Members of the HVFC provided more than 40 hours of fire standby protection. Every hour, members walked the fairgrounds looking for any safety hazards. They assisted with more than a dozen medical calls,” said Olivia Drake, HVFC Public Information Officer.

And as always, many residents entered the Durham Fair contests, from giant pumpkins to poultry, needlework to photography.

We had a few prolific winners locally. Here is a list of contest winners from Haddam and Killingworth:



  • Peter Arsenault          Two 1st place awards (honey, strained light and honey, strained dark) in Canning
  • Ann Davison               Two 1st place awards in Rabbits — Pets
  • Carolyn Donofrio       Five 1st place awards in Flowers: Cleome, Large Dahlias, Pompom Dahlias, Medium Dahlias, one 2nd place award in Flowers: other annual, and two 3rd place awards in Flowers: Sedum and medium Dahlia
  • Alice Durinick             1st place award in “2019 Special Category – Everything Durham Fair” – a diorama shown here

    Alice Durinick diorama
  • Amy Harlow                1st place award in Needlework – After the Storm
  • Jessica Myers              1st place in Flowers: roses
  • Robert Myers               1st place in Canning: Zinfandel wine
  • Heidi Smith                  1st place in Crafts — Earrings; two 2nd place awards: bracelet and miscellaneous craft; 3rd place in Necklace – any material
  • Mary Woods                Two 3rd place awards in Needlework — Bed sized and Lap/Small Quilt


Haddam Neck

McGarry ribbons
  • Vivienne McGarry       Won 30 awards in Fibers this year! 14 1st place awards: medium breeds, 2 Angora goat – kid, Spinners Texture Choice, 2 Angora goat – adult, Novelty, Purebred Natural Colored, Fingerless Mittens, Woven Garments, Exotic Fibers, Mohair Singles, Mohair Two Ply, Art Yarn. Seven 2nd place awards: Angora goat – Adult, Angora goat – kid, Angora Goat – yearling, Felted Hat, Singles One Skein, Alpaca Singles, Alpaca Two Ply. Two 3rd place awards: Angora Goat – kid, Angora goat – yearling. Six 4th place awards: Spinners Color Choice, Spinners Color Choice Commercial Dye, Mixed Fibers, Navajo Ply – one skein, Mohair Other, Alpaca Other. One 5th place award: Cable Ply – one skein



  • Melody Berreth              In Baking, 1st place award in Grandma’s Favorite Dessert Recipe, 2nd place in King Arthur 1916 Mallow Bars, 2nd place in Anything Coconut
  • Lisa Burr                         Won 9 awards in Needlework! Five 1st place awards: Sewing Misc., Various Misc., Embroidery – Punch Needle, Hand/Tote Bag – Misc., Quilts – Machine Quilted by Professional. Two 2nd place awards: Various – Quilted Article, Sewing – Ladies’ Skirt/Unlined. Two 3rd place awards: Sewing – Ladies’ Evening Wear, Sewing – Ladies’ Daytime Dress/Sleeveless

    Ryan Cleveland
  • Laureen Cannata           1st place in Various Novelty Article/Christmas [Needlework]
  • Ryan Cleveland              2nd place in Giant Pumpkin (for more information on growing giant pumpkins, see THIS article)
  • Jake Cook                        Won 11 awards in Poultry! Champion Bantam, and Grand Champion Bantam. Seven 1st place awards in Poultry: Leghorn-cock, Plymouth Rock-hen, Call-hen, Buckeye-cock, Call-cock, Leghorn-hen, Leghorn-cock. Two 2nd place awards: Call-hen, Leghorn-hen
  • Izabella Dicicco               2nd place Dairy Cattle – Winter Yearling Heifer. Three 3rd place awards: Winter Yearling Heifer, Winter Heifer Calf (2). 7th place in Fitting and Showmanship – Group 4 [Dairy Cattle]
  • John Hood                       1st place Sunrises and Sunsets [Enlargements]
  • Beth Iovene                      2nd place Baking – Anything Coconut
  • Randi LaPierre                2nd place Insects [Enlargements]
  • Gabby Larkin                   Won 13 awards in Cattle! Four 1st place awards: Aged Cow, Winter Heifer Calf, Spring Heifer Calf (2). Two 2nd place awards: Winter Heifer calf, Club herd. Four 3rd place awards: Spring Heifer calf, Aged Cow, Fall Heifer Calf (2). One 4th place award: Fitting & Showing (11 and under). One 5th place award: Spring Heifer calf. One 10th place award: Fitting and Showmanship
  • Reba Larkin                     2nd place award: Spring Heifer calf. 3rd place award: Fitting and Showing (12-15). 4th place award: Spring Heifer calf.
  • Elizabet Meyer                1st place – Decorated cake (children age 5-13), 2nd place Jewelry (children age 5-13)
  • Jackie Meyer                   1st place – Decorated cake using fondant (children age 5-13)
  • Jason Morin                    4th place – Giant Pumpkin

    Jake Cook
  • Kelly Morin                     2nd place – Needlework – Hand/Tote Bag
  • Melynda Naples             Won 8 awards in Dairy Cattle! Five 1st place awards: Best Three Females (one owned by exhibitor and all bred by exhibitor), Aged Cow, Winter Heifer Calf, Dairy Herd/3 cows, Daughter & Dam/1 cow & 1 female offspring. Two 2nd place awards: Set of Sire/3 animals, the get of 1 sire, Spring Heifer calf. One 4th place award: Aged Cow
  • Tracy Olsen-Morse        1st place – Miscellaneous Collection
  • Faith Santamaria            Two 1st place awards: Original Drawing/Painting (children age 5-13), Snapshot – animals (children age 5-13)
  • Jenna Seward                  3rd place – State Baking Contest – Cinnamon Star Bread
  • Derek Torre                      1st place Baking – Just for Guys
  • Amy Wiknik                     Won nine awards – 3 in cattle, and 6 in rabbits. 1st place American Rabbit Breeders Association. Four 2nd place awards: Fall Heifer Calf (2), American Rabbit Breeders Association (2). Three 3rd place awards in American Rabbit Breeders Assocation. One 10th place award in Fitting & Showmanship.
  • Judith Zakrewski            3rd place Quilts – Bed Sized – State Fair Eligible
  • Donna Zurstadt               Won 29 awards in Llamas and Fibers. Best in Show Llamas (2), Grand Champion Llamas (class 43 & 11), Reserve Champion Llamas (class 07, 13, 44, and 16). Eight 1st place awards: Public Relations – Novice [Llamas], Halter – Medium Wool Female, Pack – Novice Pack, Halter – Light Wool Females – Yearling, Adult Showmanship, Obstacle – Advanced, Halter – Medium Wool Males – Yearling, Halter – Medium Wool Male – Adult. Six 2nd place awards: Llama 2-ply [Fiber], Mixed Fibers (livestock), Obstacle – Novice [Llamas], Public Relations – Advanced,  Halter – Medium Wool Males – Adult, Spinners Color Choice Commercial Dye [Fiber]. Four 3rd place awards: Obstacle – Novice, Halter- Medium Wool Females – Adult, Pack – Advanced Pack Llama, Pack – Novice Pack. Two 4th place awards: Public Relations – Novice, Alpaca Singles [Fiber]. One 6th place award: Public Relations – Novice.



  • Kayla Davis                       Two 1st place awards in Fall Yearling Heifer, 2nd place award in Fall Heifer Calf, 3rd place in Fall Heifer Calf, 5th place in Fitting and Showmanship.
  • Jeremiah Adametz          1st place in Miscellaneous – Cars, Trains, Transportation [photo], 2nd place in Miscellaneous – Cars, Trains, Transportation [photo]
  • Jodi Angus                        1st place Fair Photos
  • Mary Angus                      2nd place Needlework – Ladies Sweater/Pullover; 2nd place Snapshots – Animals
  • Jacquelynn Begina          1st place Scenery Enlargements
  • Lauren Burchsted            Won 12 awards in Fibers: Four 1st place awards in Hat Plain – simple stitch pattern, Shawl, Alpaca – ages 12 mos. and over, and Other. Three 2nd place awards in Navajo Ply – one skein, Spinners Color Choice, Animal Knit – Crochet or Felted. Two 3rd place awards in Alpaca Singles, and Mixed Fibers. Three 4th place awards in Alpaca Two Ply, Singles one skein, and Spinners Texture Choice.
  • Eileen Catalano                Won 10 awards in Needlework. Three 1st place awards: Wall Hanging/Silk Ribbon Embroidery, Wall Hanging/Pictures-Quilted, Various – Novelty Article/Christmas. Four 2nd place awards: Various-Miscellaneous, Various – Novelty Article, Quilts-Lap or Small Quilt – Pieced/Quilted/Machine, Pillows-Quilted. Three 3rd place awards: Quilts -Lap or Small Quilt-Appliqued/Quilted/Machine, Quilts-Miscellaneous, Quilts-Beginner-First Time Exhibitor
  • Caroline Conrad               2nd place Drop Cookies (children age 5-13)
  • Theresa D’Agostino         1st place – Snapshots-Plant life/flowers
  • Peyton Dixon                    Four 2nd place awards: Original Drawing/Painting, Snapshot-Animals, Snapshot-Plant Life, Snapshot-Scenery (all in children ages 5-13 category)

    Eileen Catalano
  • Emilie Ewald                    1st place Court of Honor Recipe – Henry Coe – Gingerbread Cake; 2nd place King Arthur -1916 Mallow Bars
  • Abigail Feltham                1st place Decorated Cake (children ages 5-13)
  • Kyle Jacobson                   2nd place Candle (children ages 5-13)
  • Tifany Laffin                     Two 3rd place awards in Enlargements: Animals, and Scenery.
  • Michele Lenz Richards   2nd place State Apple Pie [Baking]
  • Nancy McCormick           1st place Miscellaneous Craft
  • Judy Moeckel                    Won nine awards in Flowers, Collections, and Digital Slide Show. Three 1st place awards: Cactus-Single Variety-George Matyas Memorial Award, Pansies, Photography [Flowers]. Five 2nd place awards: Jade, Begonia, Animals [Collections], Other Succulent, Other Worth – no hanging baskets. 3rd place Digital Slide Show: Sunrises and Sunsets
  • Sage Murray                      1st place in Snapshot-Plant Life, 3rd place in Acrylic Painting, 3rd place Snapshot – Animals and Insects (all Juniors ages 14-17)
  • Jan O’Sullivan                   Seven 1st place awards: Necklace-Beaded, Earrings-Beaded, Quilts-Miscellaneous, Ladies Scarf, Embroidery-Beadwork, Knitting-Community Service-Ladies Chemo Cap, Ladies Shawl or Cape
  • Madalyn Seward               1st place Any Other Quick Bread (children ages 5-13)

    Jill Spiller
  • Jill Spiller                           Six 1st place awards: Embroidery-Beadwork, Embroidery-Seasonal Holiday, Embroidery-Misc., Various Needlework-Misc., Necklace-Beaded, Bracelet-Beaded. One 2nd place award Various Needlework – Article by woman over 65
  • Pete Stone                          1st place Eggplant, 1st place tomatoes (small – 10 specimens), 1st place tomatoes (large – 5 specimens)
  • Mariana Szumilas            3rd place State Baking Contest – Cinnamon Star Bread

Photo of Ferris Wheel by Olivia Drake. Photo of Jake Cook by Marie Cook. Photo of McGarry ribbons provided by V. McGarry. All other photos by Kathy Brown.

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