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CT Animal House – Rescuing Dogs Around the State

Judith Levin is a Haddam resident who has been involved with CT Animal House for years. She sends information about dogs they are in the process of finding a home for, and occasionally fundraisers that they hold, to fund things like what is discussed in the article below.

Submitted March 29, 2019 by Judith Levin, VP, CT Animal House.

CT Animal House – This is just a part of what we do!


CT Animal House received a call from a concerned citizen in Waterbury asking for help with 5 Pits abandoned after their owner went to jail. There was no one left to care for them. No family or friends. The dogs were trapped in their crates full of feces, without water and no one there to feed them or let them out. None of us were prepared for what we would see. These dogs were extremely malnourished. Two of the three pups have severe health issues. One is deformed and will need major Ortho surgery; and another has severe neurological issues. The neuro dog was not able to compete with the other pups for food and had a body score of 1. Just heartbreaking! All five dogs were removed. Mom, Dad, and one of the pups have gone to wonderful Rescue friends and will be vetted and placed in loving homes. CT Animal House is caring for the two special needs pups.

This is a video of Walker – the most severe of the five dogs….


He had a body score of 1 when he took him in. He has severe neurological issues, possibly from Distemper. In spite of everything, Walker is the most loving pup! The tip of his tail will need to be amputated from past trauma. He is absolutely ravenous, and has been receiving small meals multiple times a day. He has put on 4 pounds since we took him in.

This is Digit….

Digit is the product of inner city breeding. He was malnourished when we took him in. Digit will require major Ortho surgery to relieve the stress on his joints and spine from his deformities. It will be a long recovery, but we will give him the care he needs to live the happy and healthy life that he so deserves!

We are in the process of raising the needed funds to help these poor babies. If you would like to help us and make a donation you can go to www.CTanimalhouse.Org
or send a check to:

CT Animal House
PO Box 343
Waterford, CT 06385
No donation is too small! The puppies will appreciate your help…

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