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2022 Girls Lacrosse: What a Season! HKHS Goes From Shorelines to All-Conference to States

Submitted by Janice Calvi-Ruimerman

(May 29, 2022)—On Tuesday, May 24, 2022, the HK High School Girls Lacrosse Team made it into the first round of the Shoreline Conference Tournament after years of not qualifying. This year, only the top 4 teams were invited to the dance and HKHS was coupled with Old Saybrook, the SLC champions.

HK’s defense was no match as the Old Saybrook offense quickly dominated the field on their home turf. The final score 16-4; it was the end for HK in terms of the Shoreline Conference Tournament but really, it was just the beginning, as this team proudly walked off the field knowing that they were the first HK Girls lacrosse team in a long time that even made it this far.

On Thursday, May 26, the 2022 Shoreline Athletic Conference Girls Lacrosse All-Conference Teams were announced and the following HKHS Girls were acknowledged:

1st Team: Yumi Imai (Senior) & Kyla Mazzotta (Senior)

2nd Team: Grace Cassidy (Senior) & Samantha “Sammy” Ruimerman (Sophomore)

Honorable Mention: Audrey Wrinn (Junior)

And on Saturday, May 28, after several years of missed opportunities, this 2022 HKHS Girls Lacrosse Team played Montville High School in Montville with the sole goal of qualifying for States and qualify they did. With an overtime win of 8-7, the HKHS girls are heading to States next week. The field was a proverbial “Field of Dreams” for this team, as they played for a chance their predecessors never had, a chance at States. With former coach, now Montville’s Athletic Director looking on, the HK team was on a mission to do what, for years, was an impossibility for Haddam Killingworth. This 2022 team, guided by Coaches Reilly & Cassidy, and super-fan Auntie, however, not only made it possible, but made it a REALITY!

With a 3-6 deficit at the half, perseverance, precision and passion for the win became the driving force of the second half.  The defensive line of Kyla Mazzotta, Nicole Goosen, Sophie Raminio, Peyton Tyler, and Te’a Norman held the Montville team at the 12, preventing shots on goal and keeping Montville at bay. Senior Goalie Rhianna “Rhi” Phipps started for HK and Freshman Goalie Gabrielle “Gabby” Williams tied up the win with an aggressive blue and gold bow.

The dynamic draw team of Audrey Wrinn and Samantha “Sammy” Ruimerman took charge of possession. Field coverage, ball movement, pass precision was the mantra among Grace Cassidy, Yumi Imai, Georgia Cancroft, Jaimey DiNapoli, Seanna “SeaSea” Ruimerman and Ava Ramino. Goals were scored by Grace Cassidy (2), Samantha “Sammy” Ruimerman (1), Seanna “SeaSea” Ruimerman (1), Yumi Imai (2) – her second to tie the game (6-6) and Audrey Wrinn (2), with her second goal in overtime, having only two seconds left on the clock to claim victory for HK, sending them to States.

After so many years of not making States, what a victory and legacy for the 2022 Team.

Great game, Lady Cougars. Way to keep those sticks up, and honor your TEAM!

What an Amazing 2022 TEAM

Brooklyn Bailey 1
Brigitte Battistoni 10
Sarah Birkmeyer 5
Aly Campbell 31
Georgia Cancroft 14
Grace Cassidy 6
Madalynn “Maddy” Catalano 20
Ella Connelly 9
Mya Conlon 27
Jaimey DiNapoli 16
Juliana “JGag” Gagliardi 8
Nicole Goosen 7
Emma Green 3
Caroline Ignatuk 18
Yumi Imai 2
Sonya Luneau 32
Kyla Mazzotta 25
Te’a Norman 30
Rhianna “Rhi” Phipps 50
Kelsie Piela 15
Ava Ramino 23
Sophie Ramino 13
Leeha Reddy 4
Carly Rettberg 15*hiatus
Samantha “Sammy” Ruimerman 12
Seanna “SeaSea” Ruimerman 17
Emily Sorrentino 21
Peyton Tyler 37
Jenna Whitmer 11
Gabrielle “Gabby” Williams 51
Audrey Wrinn 22





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