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You can celebrate your HKMS or HKHS graduates !

To Parents and Grandparents of HKHS and HKMS graduates


Do you want to congratulate your HK High School or Middle School Graduate with an ad in Haddam Killingworth News?


Send a picture (optional) and your personal note such as “Congratulations to our daughter (name)!  Love Mom and Dad.” Limit text to 15 words (25 words if no photo). The ad will be approximately 3” wide by 2” high and cost $30.

Example …

Plans are to run these in our July 2, 2020 print edition. Contact Ed Munster ASAP (no later than June 24) because space and time is limited.


Ed Munster, Ad Manager Haddam Killingworth News


860 345-2225 or email e.munster@comcast.net ASAP

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