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Update on Health and Veterans Benefits from State Sen. Needleman

Submitted by State Sen. Norm Needleman

(December 2, 2023) — The following items are taken from a legislative update submitted by the office of State Sen. Norm Needleman (D) 33rd District:

RSV Infections GrowingAs we get closer to the winter, RSV infections are on the rise. The infection is mild for many people, but young babies, seniors and people with underlying conditions may experience breathing problems that can cause serious side effects. So far this autumn, five deaths from RSV have been reported among people ages 60 and older, and hundreds of cases are being reported each week. Hospitalizations are growing as well, including among young children. Experts say to take precautions you feel necessary to keep yourselves and your loved ones safe.More Than 12,000 Have Signed Up For ArrayRx, The State’s Cost-Saving Prescription ProgramSince its launch in October 2023, more than 12,000 Connecticut residents have signed up for ArrayRx, the state’s prescription drug discount program. With more signing up every day, this tool will be available to save money for residents every time they pick up important prescriptions.  This program is free and accessible to cut costs for a number of prescription drugs; visit for more details.

No-Cost Health Care for World War II VeteransThe Department of Veterans Affairs has announced that all World War II veterans are now eligible for no-cost health care, medical services and nursing home care as of November 2023. There are now fewer than 120,000 surviving veterans of World War II. They will no longer have to make co-payments or pay enrollment fees or monthly premiums regardless of disability ratings or priority groups in the VA health system.

Reminder To Vaccinate Dogs Amid IllnessAs a recent atypical infectious respiratory disease is causing illnesses in dogs nationwide, the Department of Agriculture is reminding dog owners to use caution and vaccinate their dogs against viruses to help protect them. The Department of Agriculture also reminds pet owners to reduce contact with unknown or sick dogs, keep their dogs home if they are sick, and to seek veterinary care and to avoid communal water bowls. The infectious disease is reported to cause symptoms including coughing, sneezing, nasal or eye discharge and lethargy.

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