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To the H-K Community from RSD #17 Board of Education

Dear HK Community,
On Tuesday, September 1, 2020,we  reopen the doors of our schools to Haddam and Killingworth’s children. Students, parents, educators, and community members all have a stake in the successful resumption of school programs taking place in school.
Our community’s COVID-19 infection rate directly affects our ability to accomplish this – in order to keep students in school, we need to keep the Coronavirus out. This will give students the best chance to learn and thrive during an extraordinary period of stress and uncertainty.
It will take the effort of the entire community to make this possible. We have an admirable record of few COVID-19 cases because everyone has followed the basic protocols of health and safety  recommended by the State and the CDC. We urge ALL community members to double up on these efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus this fall. Our children’s and our educator’s health and well being depend upon it.
On behalf of a grateful Board of Education, thank you for giving us an opportunity to return to school and to give our students a chance to do what they should be doing: learning and growing together.
Suzanne Sack
RSD 17 Board of Education Chair

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