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Real Estate Transactions, June 2022

From the Hartford Courant


19 Little City Rd., M. R. and N. B. Boccaccio to K. Cika, 6/2, $370,000

70 Parker Hill Rd. S., N. T. Win-Alderson to C. Zawadski and D. Kulmacz, 6/2, $601,000

27 Fieldstone Ln., Fieldstone LLC to M. E. Jansma, 6/6, $392,500

63 Williamsburg Rd., G. and H. Merchel to D. A. Capozza and C. Best, $844,900

940 Killingworth Rd., L. A. Dennis and R. M. Dennis, Jr., to J. Coppola, 6/6, $340,000

Arkay Dr., B. Edelstein to S. Pavelkops, 6/15, $25,000

Earl Roberts Rd., J. and J. Harvey to A. L. Barcsansky and B. M. Lavalette, 6/13, $135,000

39 Thayer Rd., K. Syrel to S. Pastuszak and A. Cook, 6/16, $260,000

64 Silver Springs Dr., J. D. and C. M. Sargent to J. R. Morrissey and A. Ferguson, 6/13, $547,000

182 Brainard Hill Rd., J. F. and J. W. Quinn to B. and N. Parfitt, 6/13, $315,000

4 Lake Ave., D. P. Fitting to L. E. Meister, 6/23, $330,000

67 Old County Rd., S. and V. Wyzykowski to B. Perrone, 6/20, $710,000

92 Quarry Hill Rd., J. V. Tousignant to J. D. Parslow, 6/24, $485,000

284 Beaver Meadow Rd., W. and M. J. Oberry to D. and A. Blakemore, 6/21, $375,000

311 Oxbow Rd., C. E. Levey to A. and S. Gibbs, 6/23, $874,000



N/A, C. Tyrrell to J. Mikulski and W. S. Miller, 6/3, $35,000

162 Rt. 80, J. Bennett to B. B. and K. L. Forster, 6/20, $350,000


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