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Orienteering Course Opens in Haddam

Submitted by Dan Dachelet

(February 12, 2024) — For anyone interested in getting off the beaten path in Haddam, there is a new orienteering course that has been built near Tylerville.

For those unfamiliar with orienteering, it is the sport of navigating through the woods using a map, compass and terrain association.  A typical course has multiple checkpoints set up in the woods that someone goes out to find.

In the case of Haddam’s course, there are twelve boxes set up across the approximately two hundred acres The course was also designed to provide the user with a short history lesson on Connecticut’s Medal of Honor recipients.

Each of the boxes, like the one above, is named after a Connecticut recipient of the U.S’s highest award for valor.  Once someone locates a box, they use their phone to scan the QR code that is on the sign in the woods.  The QR code then takes them to the web site that has the Medal of Honor Citation for each individual.  It’s a great reward at the end of each leg of the course.

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