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Letter to the Editor: Plea for Help with Haddam’s Feral Cat Population

The views stated here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the editors of this newspaper.  

(July 6, 2020) — Homeowners in Haddam may know we have many feral and stray cats in our area, but “kitten season” is April through September. We’re in peak time now and we have a growing problem. Unchecked breeding contributes to over-population of cats and a variety of negative consequences.   Animal Control has no funding in our town budget and does not provide assistance or help with feral, unwanted or abandoned cats and kittens that often turn up in our yards or nearby.

Recently, a stray cat with two babies was caught by “Haddam Animal Rescue,” however that was just the tip of the iceberg! Further information led to the discovery of many more cats/kittens (40-60) in a nearby location. Many of the mother cats have been on the property for years, as reported by their feeders, and every year many litters of kittens are taken and killed by wildlife and disease. This scenario happens more than one would think in many different places. This one just happened to get noticed by people who are willing to help correct it!

“Haddam Animal Rescue” and “Almost Home for Cats,” another local rescue, are willing to vet and adopt out friendly kittens, and to trap and spay/neuter the feral ones, but only as funds are available from donations for vet care because the towns and state do not fund these situations.

Both “Haddam Animal Rescue” and “Almost Home for Cats” have been in existence for over 16 years and have brought many abandoned animals back to health and found them loving homes. They are now asking for financial help to address this current, local need and spay/neuter as many cats as possible.

They would greatly appreciate ANY amount of money to help achieve this goal. If you can contribute, funds can be donated directly to “Chester Veterinary Clinic, Attn: Haddam Ferals, 264 Middlesex Turnpike, Chester, CT 06412,” where the cats will be vetted. Thank you in advance for your kind offerings!

And a REMINDER to anyone who has cats that go outside (and can breed) or if you are feeding strays outside, PLEASE help by getting them spayed/neutered so that this scenario is not repeated.

Steve Kitts

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