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Letter to the Editor: Palm Defends Mailer

The views stated here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the editors of this newspaper. Received Oct. 29, 2020. This letter is in response to this Letter to the Editor, published yesterday.

Who Will Hold Utilities Accountable?

I believe facts matter and that you have a right to know the truth. Reacting to a mailer which I sent out last week, my opponent defended a vote he took when in office in 2017 which used $3 billion of taxpayer money to bail out a profitable monopoly. While he may not have understood then that his vote would open the door to this summer’s rate hikes, plenty of legislators – including eight of his own caucus members – did.  Watch one of my colleagues explain it succinctly during a lengthy floor debate from 3:43:55 to 3:45:12 here:

Had S.B. 1501 not passed, we might not have seen this summer’s exorbitant electricity delivery charges. And we might not have needed to clean up that mess through the Take Back the Grid Act, which was crafted, in part, to address those hikes.

To be sure, many bills – including seemingly good ones – have unintended consequences. Sixty-six members of the House of Representatives did their homework and understood those consequences. My opponent was not one of them.

Holding Eversource accountable for its terrible performance is just one of the many tasks that will face those who are elected on Tuesday. Please make sure you vote for someone who understands the consequences.


Christine Palm

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