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Letter to the Editor – Ogilvie Supports Siegrist

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Letter to the Editor:

It is time again this November to decide which direction our state legislature will take our state. Our 36th House Representative, Bob Siegrist has spent the last two years as our local advocate for a more responsible government and a better Connecticut.

Bob has been working hard for us in the 36th CT House district (Haddam, Deep River Chester, and Essex). He voted to reverse the cuts to Haddam-Killingworth and the Regions School Budgets. He was also instrumental in overcoming a major environmental issue by helping to secure funding for the Tylerville clean water initiative.

At the state level, including his work on several committees , Bob supported:
• Eliminating the State Business Entity Tax,
• Expanding Veterans benefits for those suffering from PTSD, brain Injury and sexual assault,
• Our local Volunteer Fire and EMS infrastructure,
• The phase out of social security and pension taxes impacting our seniors,
• A constitutional spending cap.

And he worked to prevent:
• Tolls on our highways,
• Income and sales tax hikes,
• More taxes on tires and cellphones.
Please join me in voting for Bob Siegrist on 6 November. Empower him to continue the fight for us, both as taxpayers and community members. You will have voted for a better Connecticut.

Thank You,
Jeff Ogilvie
Haddam, CT

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