Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Letter to the Editor: Choose Ziobron

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Letter to the Editor

I recommend that my fellow voters choose Melisa Ziobron for State Senator in Connecticut’s 33rd District, because I know she understands and advocate’s for bringing new business to our State and local communities. She understands a vibrant business climate is key to tackling Connecticut’s current huge budget deficit.

My recommendation is based upon my introduction to Melissa as the 34th District Representative and her attendance at nearly all the Middlesex Chamber of Commerce (MxCC), Haddam/East Haddam District meetings in 2015 and 2016. She was there to hear the issues that business owners were having and advocate for policies that support those business sectors.

I no longer attend those MxCC meetings, but I have continued to monitor Melissa’s actions in Hartford, where she is an advocate for our towns and tax payers. She has worked hard at moving our State budget to a more fiscally sound position and fighting to ensure that our towns get their fair share of educational funding. She also supported numerous Environmental, Veterans and Sportsman issues while being a champion of improved State Park operations which boosts the CT Tourism industry.

Melissa brings a wealth of experience as a State House Representative and is well qualified to expand that battle in the State Senate for us as taxpayers, our schools, our communities and a positive Connecticut business climate. Please join me in voting for Melissa Ziobron on November 6th.

Thank You,
Jeff Ogilvie
Haddam, CT

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