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HVFC Congratulates Newly Elected and Re-Elected Line Officers

By Olivia Drake, HVFC Information Officer

(July 5, 2023) — Congratulations to the newly elected—and re-elected—@Haddam Volunteer Fire Company line officers! These positions were voted on during the company’s monthly meeting on July 3, 2023.

from left: Chief Sam Baber, Lt. Mike Mancuso, Lt. Kris Proto, Capt. Kyle Everett, Lt. Greg Duval, Capt. Jeff Doskos, Deputy Chief Jed Morrissey, Cape. Josh Meyer, Lt. Jarrod Ramsey, and Assistant Chief Peter Brown.

Chief—Sam Baber
Deputy Chief—Jed Morrissey
Assistant Chief—Peter Brown
Captains—Kyle Everett, Jeff Doskos, Josh Meyer
Lieutenants—Greg Duval, Kris Proto, Jarrod Ramsey, Mike Mancuso

In addition, the following members were elected to administrative officer positions:
Radio Engineer—Scott Larson
Mechanical Engineer—Greg Duval
Building Engineer—Evan Dube
Quartermaster—John Shettleworth
Company Treasurer—Michelle Lafo

Company Representative to the Haddam Volunteer Fire Department Board of Directors—Dan Casey

Haddam Volunteer Fire Company Board of Directors— Rick Annino, John Boothroyd, Scott Larson, Rich Williams.

from left, Kris Proto, James Kuchyt, Jeff Doskos, Peter Brown and Jarrod Ramsey

Also, during the meeting, Chief Baber and Deputy Chief Morrissey honored the top five responders of the 2022-23 fiscal year. Chief Baber noted that the top five responded to over 35 percent of all 596 calls for the year.

Those members include:
5th top responder: Jarrod Ramsey with 205 calls
4th top responder: Peter Brown with 213 calls
3rd top responder: Jeff Doskos with 228 calls
2nd top responder: James Kuchyt with 243 calls
1st top responder: Kris Proto with 245 calls

“As Chief, I have the privilege of witnessing firsthand the unwavering dedication and selfless service that all of our members bring to our community day in and day out. But these five members in particular have made an extraordinary effort to keep our town safe,” Chief Baber said.

Photos by Olivia Drake

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