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HKHS Cross Country & 1BigCircle: Fun, Fitness, & Camaraderie

Submitted by Val Williams.

(Nov. 12, 2020) — With blue skies and the sun beaming down, the 1Big Circle athletes and members from the Haddam Killingworth High School Cross Country team gathered at the Ethel Peter’s track in Clinton.  Everyone was excited and ready for some fun, fitness, and camaraderie.

1Big Circle is a social club that offers friendship building activities for young adults who struggle with social engagement due to their disabilities.

The HKHS Cross Country team led the 1Big Circle athletes in stretches, sprints, distance walks, and the long jump.  The event culminated with a competitive relay race around the track.  The HKHS organizer of the event, Brianna Minervino described the event by saying, “We all got along so well and it made me happy to see everyone having so much fun!”

L to R, Max Cozean, Willie Wilson, James O’Toole, and Matt Jennings

If anyone would like more information regarding participation or volunteering in 1Big Circle please contact Pearl Elliott at:

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