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HK Rec Dept: Discount Tickets Available for Popular Destinations

From H-K Rec. Dept.

Purchase discount ticket codes and save $! What a great deal! Tickets are good any day of the season when the parks are open to the general public! Due to COVID-19, reservations may be required at these parks.

Lake Compounce

A fun park for the whole family to enjoy and it’s close by too! www.lakecompounce.com $32 per ticket (digital code). Save $26 from the on-line price of $58 (52″+) & $15 from the online price of $47 (under 52″)

CT Science Center

Fun for all ages – discover, experiment, learn, and have fun! www.ctsciencecenter.org $17 per ticket (paper ticket). Adults save $8 from the online price of $25

Six Flags of New England

Thrill seekers delight and fun for everyone! www.sixflags.com/newengland $37 per ticket (paper ticket) Save $33 from the online price of $70 (52″+) and $8 from the promo price of $45 (under 52″)

Adventure Park (Storrs/Bridgeport)

Different levels of climbing, zip lining & obstacles make this a fun park for families www.storrsadventurepark.com or www.discoveryadventurepark.org $34 per ticket (digital code) Save $17 from the gate price of $51 (Storrs – 14+) Save $20 from the gate price of $54 (Bridgeport – 14+)

Please email robyne@hkrec.com or josselyn@hkrec.com to order tickets. We will email you a form to fill out (or download from www.hkrec.com). Mail or drop off payment (must pay by cash/check only). Once received, we will email you the code or set up time for pick up. Tickets will be on sale starting May 24, 2021 (good for 2021).

HK Special Discount Days

Take advantage of a better deal with HK Recreation’s Group Rate if you plan to visit on the following dates. Tickets must be purchased at least 5 days in advance (30 days for the Science Center) and are non-transferable.

Lake Compounce August 20, $26/ticket (digital code)
Six Flags New England August 6, $34/ticket (paper ticket at Will Call)
CT Science Center August 9, $15/ticket (paper ticket)
Mystic Seaport July 28, August 13, $21 (ages 18+) or $13 (ages 4-17)


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