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HK Group Participates in Tractor Pull Events

By Tony Giamei

HK Tractor Pull Group

(August 24, 2022) — A group of six Haddam-Killingworth High School graduates has become involved in tractor pull events.  Cody Walczak agreed to an interview on August 21, 2022.  His group has been involved in tractor pulls for the past five years.  The tractors must have been manufactured prior to 1955.  These are mostly Farm-All and John Deere vehicles.  Original horsepower was 20-40 HP, but can be modified to 80 HP.  Such equipment requires a lot of maintenance, but that’s part of the fun.  The work is self-taught.  Equipment can be expensive (e.g., tires at $3000 per set) and is frequently hard to find.

Cody on Tractor

Here is a description of the types of sleds that are pulled: Stone Boat Sled is a “dead weight” sled where everyone pulls the same load. It requires more skill on the part of the driver, not just the strength of the tractor.

Transfer Sled pushes weight forward as the tractor travels down the track. It is more reliant on the tractor’s horsepower and tires than the driver’s skill level.

Gloria Maynard, a Higganum resident, says she is “hooked” on these events and has employed Cody to help her manage her property when he is available.

Supporting funds are mostly earned through their jobs and occasional cash prizes.  A first place award was recently earned at the Haddam Neck Fair.

Information on past and upcoming events is supplied by Barb Jello (see Facebook page).

Photos provided by Cody Walczak




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