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Girls Lacrosse 2023: HKHS Brings Lightning to the Thunderbirds with a 15-14 Overtime Win

Submitted by Janice Calvi-Ruimerman 

(April 14, 2023) — On a sunny, April 11, 2023, thunder could be heard on the Haddam Killingworth High School field as the North Branford Thunderbirds dominated the draw and gained possession of the ball right away.  But, with full stands for the HK Home Team, these girls came out strong with a 3-3 tie within the first few minutes of this game.  The tide soon turned as North Branford went into half-time with a two-point lead, 7-5 over the Cougars.

Although HK’s defense was strong and committed, the loss of possession at the draw coupled with the Thunderbirds’ shot blocks, meant this team needed to reassess during half-time, and reassess they did.  Coming out with one purpose, as one team, united for the win, the Cougars played a symphonic game, totally in tune with each other.  The draw skills of Audrey Wrinn pulled possession back to the Blue & Gold.

While the long passes, immediate catches and precision plays soon moved this game to a consistent tie, North Branford was not giving up easily.  Defenders, Senior Julianna Gagliardi (J-Gag) and Juniors Peyton Tyler, Te’a Norman and Brigitte Battistoni were a true force to be reckoned with.  Sophomore Goalie Gabby Williams stood strong as the Thunderbirds forced turnovers near the net.  At the buzzer, 14-14 remained the score.

The stands went wild and the mantra “YOU CAN DO THIS!” resonated across the field.

With three minutes on the clock for an overtime, sudden death play, Senior Captain Audrey Wrinn successfully got the draw, gaining possession by Junior Samantha (Sammy) Ruimerman, who moved the ball downfield to Sophomore Seanna Ruimerman with a final pass to Sophomore Ava Ramino to score the winning goal with one minute and twenty seconds on the clock. These Cougars clapped back, and thunder became a din as the HK Girls took this win.

Goals for this game were earned by Senior Captains Audrey Wrinn 3, Jenna Whitmir 2, Georgia Cancroft 1; Junior, Jamie DiNaploi 2; and Sophomores Ava Ramino 4, Seanna (SeaSea) Ruimerman 3, giving HK Girls a 15-14 victory over North Branford.

Great game Lady Cougars! Way to move that ball downfield!

See the full season’s game schedule on HKHS Athletics website.

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