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Higganum Dollar General Open for Business

By Sharon Challenger

(August 12, 2023) — The Dollar General Store on Killingworth Road, in Higganum is open for business.

The store has more than 10,000 square feet of floor space and they are really using it well!

It looks more like a mini-market and is not like your typical “dollar” stores, which are filled to the max with cheap, useless products.

As you enter the store, there are multiple well-stocked refrigerators along the right-hand side. Products include milk, cream, eggs, orange juice, deli meat, coffee creamers, Nathan’s hot dogs, Swanson Pot Pies, Perdue and Tyson Chicken meals, Asian pork and chicken dumplings, ice cream, and more.

The store’s twenty aisles are neatly stocked with a variety of items such as name-brand laundry detergents, paper goods, shampoo, bath products, pet food, greeting cards, soup, cereal, popular brand-name snacks, and fruit juices.

It was easy to get around the large store and everything is neat and well-organized.

The store’s Assistant Manager, Cory Bastien, remarked that her goal is to “make sure all the products are stocked on the shelves as fast as possible.”  She is doing an excellent job making sure access to all goods is easy for customers.

What was surprising to see was the number of goods, and that many are popular brand names.  That is not always typical of dollar stores. I was pleasantly surprised and will go back again.

The store is open from 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. every day.

The location is 958 Killingworth Road, Higganum. It is next door to Dino’s Pizza Restaurant & Northeast Feed & Supply.

Photos by Sharon Challenger


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