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Help Us to Keep You Informed

By Editorial Staff

(August 9, 2023)—Recently it was brought to my attention that many of our residents complain about not knowing about current events in our communities.

It puzzled me because Haddam Killingworth News is delivered weekly, free of charge to more than 12,000+ households in Haddam and Killingworth.  Residents of East Haddam News often read our paper, too.

Since the paper is available weekly as well as online, it made me wonder what is going on. Are people reading the news? If not, why not?

The paper has a calendar of events and town meetings to alert residents to what is happening in and around our area. The calendar is published in print as well as online (

We are always looking for ways to help people and organizations get the word out about events. But, getting news from our towns’ organizations is not an easy task. Today, many feel that posting on Social Media sites is a solution.  While Social Media is helpful, it will reach only the people who browse specific pages.  What does this mean?  Well, some Facebook pages have a limited number of members.  So if you post an event there, it will reach only those people.  It means you miss a chance to have your event or news to be seen by 12,000+ households.

For the news to reach people, it has to be shared in a manner that will reach as many people as possible.

Haddam Killingworth News is the vehicle that can do this.  However, we have to hear from people.  We need your help in getting the word out about your organizations or communities.

Help us to help keep you informed. Send us your news to

If you would like to be a part of our team, let us know!  We are volunteers who are working to serve you and we can use your talents.

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