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Halfinger Farms in Higganum Announces New Crop

Submitted by Jen Halfinger

(March 15, 2023) — Halfinger Farms Dancing Daffodils in Higganum, became Connecticut’s first pick-your-own daffodil farm in 2020.  The Halfingers have planted nearly 100,000 bulbs at the farm, and they are now ready to begin lifting, dividing, processing and selling their daffodil bulbs.  “This is an incredibly exciting time for us,” said John Halfinger. “Daffodil bulbs are an innovative Connecticut-grown crop.  Most of the bulbs planted in our area are grown on farms outside our country.  Our bulbs have proven themselves hardy to Connecticut, and will be grown, processed and sold right here in Higganum.”

The Halfingers were recently awarded a Connecticut Department of Agriculture Farm Transition Grant under the Innovation and Diversification Division.  This particular grant division was awarded to a total of five farms throughout the state.  The Halfinger’s approved project includes rebuilding a historic 1800’s barn to be used as a daffodil processing barn.  “This is an important project,” explained Jen Halfinger.  “By restoring this barn we will be saving a significant part of our town’s agricultural history.  We will bring it back to current standards and put it back into work.” Construction on the barn will begin this year with a completion date of 2024.

The Halfingers plan on selling their bulbs directly off the farm initially, with future plans of shipping them nationally.  Daffodils are the ambassadors of spring, and they represent joy and new beginnings.  They are an important part of our spring landscape.  The Halfingers, along with many supporters, are working to make beautiful Higganum the daffodil capital of Connecticut.

Photo provided by Halfinger Farm

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