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Haddam Registrars: May 26, 2020 COVID-19 Update

Submitted by Raymond Skarsten & Saralyn D’Amato, Haddam Registrars of Voters.

Connecticut voters can cast mail-in ballots if no vaccine is available by August

On May 20th Governor Lamont stated, “We’re issuing an executive order today that says if we don’t have a vaccine in time for our primary, then you’re eligible for an absentee ballot if you feel your health may be a risk. I think that’s the appropriate thing to do. I’m telling people over the age of 65, I’m telling people with preexisting conditions, stay home. And yet they don’t give up their right to vote just ‘cause I’ve got that order there.”

Every registered voter in the state eligible to vote in the August 11th primary will be sent an absentee ballot application and the state will pay the postage for mailing their ballots. This is meant to limit the number of people lined up in-person at polling places on Election Day.

Also the Secretary of State’s office will provide secure and tamper proof drop boxes manufactured specifically for the purpose of voting so the absentee voter can also drop off their ballots at their local town clerk’s office.

Haddam Town Hall
Town Clerk’s Office
30 Field Park Drive
Haddam, CT 06438

If you have questions, the registrars’ email is

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