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Haddam Neck’s Hunter Roth Competes in 2018 Snowboarding Nationals

By Meghan Peterson, PhD

(May 25, 2018) — Haddam Neck’s own Hunter Roth is quite the avid snowboarder, once again competing in the United States of America Snowboard and Freeski Association (USASFA) this past winter. Roth earned quite an array of impressive national rankings during the competition season. Nationally, he ranks 30th in the Rail Jam event (10-13 year old boy division); 64th in the Half Pipe event (10-11 year old boy division); 79th in Giant Slalom (10-11 year old boy division); and 82nd in Slalom (10-11 year old boy division).

Regionally, Roth shines as well. In the 2018 Southern Vermont series, Hunter is 3rd in the BoarderCross, 11th in the Rail Jam, and 13th in the Half Pipe events, for example – clearly demonstrating the sheer ability and skill of this young man.

According to his father, Scott, 2018 was “a tough year overall with Hunter moving up an age group,” but the challenges did not stop Hunter from facing the competition and excelling. In addition to his passion and aptitude for snowboarding, the active young man also plays lacrosse and enjoys skateboarding. He also cannot wait to play football beginning August 1. In Hunter’s own words, “this year’s nationals had intense competition, but I had the most fun hanging out with my friends.” That is what it is all about, Hunter – loving what you do and being with great friends. Good job, Hunter – Haddam is proud of your hard work and dedication! For more information on the competitions and rankings, check out

Photos used with permission from USASA.

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