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Girls Swim 2021: HKHS Defeats Waterford 103-77

Submitted by Alison Karam, Head Coach

Haddam-Killingworth High School Girls Swim Team claimed its second win of the season on Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2021 defeating Waterford 103-77. H-K swimmers kicked off the meet at Waterford High School by taking first and third in the 200-meter Medley Relay. Cougar girls retained the lead throughout the meet and recorded 18 personal best swims. Senior co-captain Jackie Flaherty improved her qualifying times for State Championships in the 200 Individual Medley and the 100 butterfly. Fourteen H-K swimmers scored points for the team: Aleia Goodison (JR), Emma Sajus (SO), Erin Marica (JR), Jackie Flaherty (SR), Johanna Houska (JR), Kristen Thebeau (JR), Layla Hayward (SO), Nikki Ackerman (SR), Olivia Campo (FR), Olivia “Liv” Macaluso (FR), Peyton Tyler (SO), Sofia Campo (FR), Veronica Pypa (FR), and Wesley Baucom (SR).

Top 3 finishes for Haddam-Killingworth:

200-meter Medley Relay

1st: A Relay: Kristen Thebeau (JR), Erin Marica (JR), Johanna Houska (JR), Olivia Macaluso (FR)
3rd: B Relay: Wesley Baucom (SR), Sofia Campo (FR), Emma Sajus (SO), Nikki Ackerman (SR)

200-meter Freestyle

1st: Aleia Goodison (JR)
2nd: Peyton Tyler (SO) 

200-meter Individual Medley

H-K senior co-captain Jackie Flaherty took first in the 100-meter butterfly and 200-meter Individual Medley, qualifying for State Championships in both events.

1st: Jackie Flaherty (SR) * 

50-meter Freestyle

1st: Johanna Houska (JR) 

100-meter Butterfly

1st: Jackie Flaherty (SR) *
3rd: Emma Sajus (SO) 

100-meter Freestyle

1st: Olivia Macaluso (FR) 

400-meter Freestyle

H-K junior Erin Marica swam to a first-place finish in the 400-meter freestyle against Waterford.

1st: Erin Marica (JR)
3rd: Aleia Goodison (JR)

200-meter Freestyle Relay

1st: A Relay: Olivia Macaluso (FR), Johanna Houska (JR), Sofia Campo (FR), Jackie Flaherty (SR)
3rd: B Relay: Olivia Campo (FR), Veronica Pypa (FR), Wesley Baucom (SR), Nikki Ackerman (SR)

100-meter Backstroke

2nd: Kristen Thebeau (JR)
3rd: Peyton Tyler (SO) 

100-meter Breaststroke

1st: Erin Marica (JR)
3rd: Sofia Campo (FR)

400-meter Freestyle Relay

1st: A Relay: Olivia Macaluso (FR), Aleia Goodison (JR), Johanna Houska (JR), Jackie Flaherty (SR)
3rd: B Relay: Emma Sajus (SO), Peyton Tyler (SO), Wesley Baucom (SR), Kristen Thebeau (JR)

* Time qualified for State Championships

Photos courtesy of Libby Riggs.

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