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Free Self Defense for Killingworth residents

Submitted by Stephen Watson

(KILLINGWORTH) — Preserving life and limb in a crisis takes more than just knowing how to block a punch or stop bleeding, says Stephen Watson, local martial arts expert whose Nov. 18, 19, and 21 seminars on developing a self-defense mindset and skillset will be free to a limited number of Killingworth residents and open to the general public for $108 per person at his Someday Farm studio, 272 Roast Meat Hill Rd.

Stephen Watson teaching Self Defense at Someday Farm

Prepare Your Inner Mama Bear is a seminar designed to put self-defense into context, creating understandings about how self-defense tactics fit into modern, real-life situations and the legal, moral, and health ramifications of their use. It is aimed at adults without martial arts experience, though everyone with prior experience will find great value in attending. “We are teaching self-defense, not self-pretense,” says Watson, who explains that even people trained in techniques are unprepared for real-life self-defense situations. The seminar covers how to intelligently protect self, family and home in a crisis.  Says Watson, “I want people who feel they would act in an instinctive self-defense ‘mama bear’ mode to realize that they may not have the skill to back up their will. The class will help people develop skills to match their intuitive protective impulse.”

Attendees have their choice of a 90 minute Thursday Nov. 18 (6:00 p.m. start) or Friday Nov. 19 (6:30 p.m. start) evening class. The first five residents of Killingworth to register for each session will be admitted FREE. “We would like to offer the seminar free to all town residents,” says Watson, “but limited class size prohibits it. Perhaps at a later date we can do more for the town.  For now, we are offering the session free to the first five registrants and half price ($54) to every other Killingworth resident.” To accommodate everyone, a bonus session will be offered on Sunday, Nov. 21, 2021 starting at 9:00 a.m. with the same costs and discounts in effect. The seminar will be conducted with Covid safety measures in place.

While people feel their safety will be in the hands of police, fire and medical services, they forget that when time is paramount, they are the actual first responders. In effect, when seconds count, help is minutes away. Knowing how to protect oneself and loved ones is only part of the equation, according to Watson. Understanding when and under what circumstances to act and the ramifications of your actions – legal and otherwise,” are just as important, he says.  Watson wants the family holiday season to be safer than ever, saying “Before welcoming your extended family home this holiday season, learn the basics of caring for them in your home.”

The curriculum will be determined by the makeup of students attending, including their experience level, complexity of questions they want answered and appetite for physical practice.  Physical contact, however, is not required. Topics covered include:

  • Who is at Risk from Conflict?
  • Pre-conflict Planning for Family members
  • Wildlife and Worrisome Pets
  • Tueller Training & MUCs
  • Personal Protective Tools
  • Awareness & De-Escalation
  • Castle Doctrine/Duty to Retreat

Someday Farm is a Killingworth landmark and retreat, known for its expansive green grounds, horse paddocks and wildlife. Group classes and private and semi-private instruction are always on offer.

Classes include Aikido (the only nonviolent martial art), Tai Chi, Eastern philosophy, Meditation, breath training, Yiquan, Nei Gong, Qi Gong, and Push Hands.

Photo Credit: Sarah Schwartz

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