Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Find a Fur Baby: Hello, Again from Otto!

Submitted by Judith Levin

(February 23, 2024) — This handsome guy has not gotten his forever home yet.  I just can’t understand why.  Just look at this handsome face!

Otto is a two-year-old Schnauzer/Collie mix, but may have just a smidge of Norwegian Elkhound or Husky in him.

Otto weighs around thirty-five pounds and is the biggest mush ball you could ever meet. He is a happy-go-lucky little guy who has a great day every day. Otto has so many great things going for him. He loves to run around and play with his toys, which are the absolute best! The more toys the better. He tends to carry one in his mouth when he meets people. He also loves relaxing walks and car rides; snacks are a plus, of course, or just having a quiet night at home next to the fireplace on a comfortable couch snuggling up with his very own family.

Otto is dog-friendly and would be great with another canine sibling to play with. Children eight years or older would be better for him. If you would like to meet this love bug, please contact Tracey at tracey.d@poainc.org and complete an application at:  www.poainc.org.

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