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Election 2022/Paul Crisci (R) Candidate for State Senate

Editor’s Note:  All candidates for Governor, Secretary of the State,  Attorney General, U.S. Senate, 2nd Congressional District, State Senate and State House Districts for Haddam and Killingworth were invited to send a brief statement and a photo to  These are being posted online as they arrive.  They also will appear in Haddam Killingworth News over four Thursdays in October.

Posted on October 4, 2022:

Paul Crisci (R)

Branford resident Paul Crisci is a faith-based, family-centric, business owner who was born and raised in Bronx, New York. Growing up in a diversified area of the Bronx helped Paul become who he is today. Raised by a single mother who worked multiple jobs, Paul learned the importance of a work ethic. His humble beginnings motivated him to become a fiscally responsible business owner with a growing list of state and national clients who seek his expertise.

Why Am I Running?

It has become overwhelmingly apparent that Connecticut needs local leaders to prioritize common sense solutions over poor process and infringing on individual rights.

As the dad of three young women, I will advocate for parents and the mental health and well-being of children. Young people face complex issues, and it is the fundamental right of parents to have a voice in the development of their child beyond academics. Our Connecticut families see the horrors of neglecting mental health, the rise in violence, and the devastation caused by the opioid and fentanyl crisis. Connecticut needs a holistic approach for awareness, resources, and professionals to support the needs of young people in school and outside the classroom.

What My Priorities Are

Connecticut residents and businesses owners are dying a death by a thousand cuts by way of over-regulating and over-taxing in conjunction with inflation.

My priorities are maintaining fiscal stability while addressing our state’s need to reignite economic growth. We need to promote our universities and state assets so that we are competitive and can boast an education-to-career pipeline that will attract corporations and keep our students in Connecticut.

Connecticut residents deserve to feel safe at home, at work, in schools. Amending the Police Accountability Act is a priority to immediately provide departments with the resources, staff, and training officers needed to effectively protect our residents.

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