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Election 2022/Kevin Blacker (Green): Candidate for Congress

Editor’s Note: All candidates for Governor, Secretary of the State,  Attorney General, U.S. Senate, 2nd Congressional District, State Senate and State House Districts for Haddam and Killingworth were invited to send a brief statement and a photo to  These are being posted online as they arrive.  They also will appear in Haddam Killingworth News over four Thursdays in October. 

Posted on September 27, 2022:

My name is Kevin Blacker.  I’m running to represent the 2nd District in the U.S. Congress. I’m 36 years old. I grew up in the Noank section of Groton. Attended public schools. Earned a Bachelor of Science in Soil Science from the University of New Hampshire in 2008.  Mow lawns for a living. Also do some farming on the side, cutting and selling hay. I love teamwork, efficiency, problem solving, and America.
Kevin Blacker (Green)

Many people are familiar with my work to draw attention to the dishonesty, bad judgment, and government corruption at the Connecticut Port Authority and State Pier in New London. The Green Party approached me and offered me their hard-earned ballot line.  They’re kind, thoughtful, creative people and they saw an opportunity to help me.  I think they saw that I’ve been working hard for years to draw attention to an injustice, and they had this tool, this platform; a ballot line.  They indicated that an independent person with practical experience and common sense would be a refreshing addition to the D vs. R political dichotomy in the race for the 2nd District’s Congressional seat. I saw opportunity to do good on a number of levels so I decided to run.

My top priorities will be:

-honest, common-sense government that reveres the truth, makes prudent decisions, and serves the greater good of the Public, not just the politically connected and powerful.

– to challenge the big-money-driven 2 party system.

-simple, innovative, achievable, cost-effective measures to combat climate change
-to remind people that viable, well staffed, local, independent newspapers are essential to the proper function of the American System.
Photo provided by Kevin Blacker

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