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Election 2022/Dominic Rapini (R): Candidate for Secretary of the State

Editor’s Note:  All candidates for Governor, Secretary of the State,  Attorney General, U.S. Senate, 2nd Congressional District, State Senate and State House Districts for Haddam and Killingworth were invited to send a brief statement and a photo to  These are being posted online as they arrive.  They also will appear in Haddam Killingworth News over four Thursdays in October.

Posted on September 27, 2022:

Dominic Rapini is a lifelong resident of New Haven County, where he lives with his wife, Susan, and their three grown children and three more members of their adopted family. A Neuroscience major as well as a football and track star, Dominic graduated from Trinity College in 1983 and for 32 years, has coached more than 1,000 young men in Pop Warner Football.

Now in his 26th year in Apple, Inc.’s Consumer Electronics Division, Dominic has enjoyed a successful career and has twice been named Salesperson of the Year.

Dominic Rapini (R)
“In 2019,” said Rapini, “I took a deep interest in Connecticut elections. I have since become an election official in order to understand mechanics of our elections and to better prepare me to take our elections to next level of Innovation, trust and fairness.  I was impressed to see the thoughtful work done by our Registrars and Clerks in securing the integrity of our elections but I also saw so much opportunity for improvement.  So here I am today, coming off the sidelines, willing to bring to bear my three decades of business and technology experience from Silicon Valley and apply my life learnings to strengthen the tools needed for strong elections.
As Secretary of the State, I will replace our aging ballot scanners with the next generation of technology based on paper ballots and disconnected from the internet. I will build an online tool for voters to apply for absentee ballots using their phone or computer without the need for a printer, but with the requirement of a Social Security number and/or Connecticut driver’s license info. My office will increase access to the ballot while adding common sense security.
“Our business community will find me a credible champion for all businesses, big and small. I will give Connecticut businesses BTB marketing tools, improved customer service and an ongoing commitment to listen to their needs.”
– Member, CTRA– Former Board Chair, Fight Voter Fraud, Inc – Chairperson, GOP Advisory Council – Board Member, Grass Roots East – Federal PAC– Charter Oak Leadership, 2020 – State-Certified Election Moderator
Photo provided by Dominic Rapini

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