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Oddfellows Playhouse Presents “BEING: An Immersive Exhibit” February 18th

Submitted by Dic Wheeler

(February 8, 2024) — “BEING: An Immersive Exhibit”, created by ARTFARM and Oddfellows Playhouse, will be presented for one day only at Oddfellows Playhouse in Middletown. The event will be presented in twenty-minute sessions at 5:00 p.m., 5:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. on February 18, 2024.

A handful of intergenerational artists populate this experience: ARTFARM ensemble members, members of the Oddfellows Teen Repertory Company, a Wesleyan University student, Cosmic Hue (Craig Norton and Kalidasa Joseph Getter) and artist Denise Smith work together in this simple exploration of what it is to ‘BE”…

You are invited into the Black Box to wander through a live musical sound-scape with physical theater artists and to explore the natural world of art – indoors – as a silent short film journeys with several unique and similar, whole and simple beings in neutral masks (hand-crafted by master Venetian mask maker, Adriano Bertolini) moving from Isolation to Connection as they come into BEING through Awakening to Connection to Nature, to the s(S)elf and ultimately to Community. A journey of individuation and connection to one’s Essential Being.

“BEING: An Immersive Exhibit” will be presented in the Black Box Theater at Oddfellows Playhouse, 128 Washington Street in Middletown. Each twenty minute time slot is limited to 20 audience members, so it is highly recommended that you reserve your place for one of the slots. Go to…/1FAIpQLSfGXHQ…/viewform to reserve your journey into BEING for one of the three time slots.

For more information, contact ARTFARM at, or go to or

Photo by Joseph Getter

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