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Deadline Nears for Joining Haddam-Killingworth Mentoring Program

Submitted by Ray Galloway

(May 15, 2024) — There is still time for volunteers to join the Haddam-Killingworth Mentoring Program, but the deadline is approaching.

The value of the Mentoring Program is perhaps best captured by the comments from current mentees such as these:

“I can’t believe that I know how to play chess now, and I can beat you!”

“Tuesday is my favorite day because I see my mentor!”

The Program, sponsored by Haddam-Killingworth Youth and Family Services, is committed to providing children from our communities with an opportunity to benefit from a mentoring experience.

We are now looking forward to adding volunteer mentors to the roster of current mentors so that required preparations can be completed before school begins in August. A Mentor is a role model, a friend, a listener, and a confidant.

Children selected for the program are matched with an adult mentor who has received training and has agreed to a formalized background check. Children meet with their mentors for an hour each week during the school year and in the school setting.

Children who participate in formalized mentoring programs can:

  • Show improved school attendance;
  • Show improved self-esteem;
  • Show improved school engagement;
  • Be less likely to start using illegal drugs and alcohol;
  • Show improved relationships with adults;
  • Improve their school performance;
  • Show increased participation in extra-curricular activities;
  • Experience higher graduation rates and be more likely to enroll in post-secondary education programs.

If you have an interest in learning more about the HK Mentoring Program and possibly applying to become a mentor, please email Patty Coletti, Program Coordinator, at:  mentorprogram@hkyfs or call 860-345-7498. She is convening informational meetings for prospective mentors during May, June and July at a time/place to be determined. Training for new mentors is being planned for late August 2024.

You, too, can make a difference  in the life of a child!

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