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2022 HKHS Girls Lacrosse: Building Synergy On and Off the Field

Submitted by Janice Calvi-Ruimerman

(April 6, 2022) — Lacrosse, known as “stick-ball,” started with Native Americans, specifically the Algonquian Tribe in North America. It was a form of dispute settlement where tribes would play to the death in order to resolve conflict.  Today, however, it is not such, but more of a positioned play sport relying on coordination and team synergy.  The first recorded game for females playing lacrosse was in 1890 in Scotland.  The key was working and playing together, and for HKHS Girls Lacrosse, that tradition continues.

Despite its humble beginnings, they’ve persevered and the 2022 team is here to make their mark.  Just about a decade ago, local first and second grade girls were introduced to lacrosse through our strong Haddam Killingworth Youth Lacrosse program. Back then, there were very few young girls interested in the sport, but fortunately for those handful of girls, the President and Vice President of HK Youth Lacrosse offered them spots with the Boys Instructional Team.  Coach Mike and Coach Bill were true visionaries because, this year, this team of ladies is already demonstrating their skills as developed over those past 10+ years on the field.

Led by Coaches Sheila Reilly and Christine Cassidy, these athletes who represent our Haddam Killingworth Girls Lacrosse team are made up of strong independent daughters and sisters of exceptional speed, athleticism, skill, heart and determination.  At the first scrimmage, our varsity team, guided by Captains Grace Cassidy, Yumi Imai and Kyla Mazzotta, were victorious over Montville with a score of 15–11.  And our JV team shut out Montville’s JV lineup with a score of 9-0.  Goalies Rhi Phipps and Gabby Williams held steadfast, making certain the first event for this team was triumphant.  And the momentum continued, with a varsity 10-7 win on Monday, April 4th over Clinton’s Morgan High School, and another JV shut-out victory.  In terms of “forming, storming and norming” this team is already performing and synergizing on and off the field.

Way to go Lady Cougars, keep those sticks up!

See the full season’s game schedule on HKHS Athletics website.

2022 HKHS Girls Lacrosse ROSTER

Brooklyn Bailey 1
Brigitte Battistoni 10
Sarah Birkmeyer 5
Aly Campbell 31
Georgia Cancroft 14
Grace Cassidy 6
Madalynn “Maddy” Catalano 20
Ella Connelly 9
Mya Conlon 27
Jaimey DiNapoli 16
Juliana “JGag” Gagliardi 8
Nicole Goosen 7
Emma Green 3
Caroline Ignatuk 18
Yumi Imai 2
Sonya Luneau 32
Kyla Mazzotta 25
Tea Norman 30
Rhianna “Rhi” Phipps 50
Kelsie Piela 15
Ava Ramino 23
Sophie Ramino 13
Leeha Reddy 4
Samantha “Sammy” Ruimerman 12
Seanna “SeaSea” Ruimerman 17
Emily Sorrentino 21
Peyton Tyler 37
Jenna Whitmer 11

Gabrielle “Gabby” Williams 51

Audrey Wrinn 22


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