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2020 Haddam-Killingworth Area Scholarships Available

Editorial Staff.

The following are scholarships that are available to students in the Haddam Killingworth area; some are only for Haddam Killingworth High School students specifically. Criteria and links are provided, as well as deadlines. In the past few years, some of these scholarships have gone unawarded because no one has applied for these scholarships. All of these scholarships (except Shoreline Arts and Haddam Neck Fair Association) are listed in Naviance, which is what Haddam Killingworth High School uses for college applications. See your guidance counselor for more information. If you are home schooled and live in these two towns, see links and websites for more information. Good luck!

The amounts shown after each scholarship are the maximum amount based on Naviance, the HKHS Guidance online system.

American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences ($1,000) Deadline: 3/15/20 For students enrolling in 2 or 4 years of higher education, majoring in Family/Consumer Science field of study (family and consumer science, human development and family studies, early childhood education, food sciences, dietetics, nutrition, food production and services, hospitality, tourism and recreation, housing/interior design, textiles/apparel.

Belden Cougar Café Award ($500) Deadline: 4/3/20 (part of Haddam Scholarship Fund) Applicant must be student of HKHS. Award based on need, scholastic standing, contribution to school and community, as well as citizenship. Majoring in food service field.

Big Sun Scholarship ($500) Deadline: 6/19/20  Student athletes  website:

Cheerleader Scholarship ($250) Deadline 3/15/20 Loud Energetic Noisy Award Cheerleader Scholarship Fund recognize cheerleaders from towns and cities in Middlesex County for their outstanding work on the team and in the classroom. Applicants must have cheered on a team for at least 2 consecutive years and have at least a 3.0 GPA.

Connecticut Water Works Association Scholarship ($1000) Deadline 3/15/20 Applicants need to be a graduating High School Senior with a 3.0 or greater GPA. Preference will be given to applicants who are actively pursuing an approved course of study at an accredited higher education institution directly related to environmental science, water resources, public health or the water industry.

Dennis Malone Memorial Scholarship ($1,000) Deadline 4/18/20 Scholarship open to applicants planning to attend 2 or 4 year college and pursuing a career in park management, forestry, horticulture, agronomy or a closely related field.

Dr. Kate Mead Award (part of Haddam Scholarship Fund) ($1,000) Deadline 4/3/20 For a graduating high school senior furthering education in a health related field. Student must be from Haddam (including Higganum and Haddam Neck). Award based on scholastic standing, community involvement and commitment to pursuing a career in health related field.

Ed Staskelunas IV Memorial Scholarship ($500-750)  Deadline: 3/31/20  Study in computer or art related major; ranked in middle of class.

Elizabeth Sonier Grant ($750) Deadline 4/10/20 Awarded to senior pursuing a career in music education.

Elks National Foundation Most Valuable Student Scholarship Deadline 12/5/20 Student must have strong community service, leadership and extracurricular activities. Apply online HERE.

Glenn Moon Scholarship Fund ($2000) Deadline: 3/31/20   Majoring in education  website:

Haddam Civic League ($1000)     Deadline: 4/15/20     For more information, see this LINK.

Haddam Garden Club ($500)   Deadline: 4/1/20    Study in horticulture or environmental science, landscape design, agriculture; must be resident of Haddam, Higganum, Haddam Neck.

Haddam Historical Society ($500)  Deadline: 4/15/20    Interested in history; must be resident of Haddam, Higganum, Haddam Neck and attend HKHS.

Haddam Junior Women’s Club  Deadline: 4/15/20   Based on financial need, motivation and attitude, service to school and community; must be resident of Haddam, Higganum, or Haddam Neck.

Haddam Neck Fair Association ($500) Deadline: 5/20/20. Student must have volunteered at the Haddam Neck Fair. For more information, see this LINK.

Haddam Scholarship Fund ($6000 available in scholarships) Deadline: 4/3/20  Open to Haddam, Higganum, and Haddam Neck residents.

Haddam Volunteer Fire Company Auxiliary scholarship Deadline: 4/15/20 Parent/guardian must be a member of HVFC or Auxiliary; may also be a member of Junior Fire Dept.

Hannah Griswold Grant ($750) Deadline: 4/10/20 A minority senior planning to pursue a career in education. See this LINK.

Harry H. S. Phillips Jr. Scholarship ($5000) Deadline: 3/29/20  Award is based on need. A student who although is not top ranked academically, but is highly motivated, has a positive attitude toward learning, ranked high enough academically that acceptance in post secondary school is assured, has been involved in community service and has indicated the objectives and purpose of seeking additional schooling is eligible.

Henry Hollister Robinson Memorial Scholarship Deadline: 3/31/20. Must be a resident of Haddam.

HK Hall of Fame ($500) Deadline: 4/1/20. Applicants should have exemplary commitment to service of youth in Haddam or Killingworth or outstanding record of service to the community.

Isidore Wise Scholarship Program ($7500) Deadline: 3/15/20. For patients and former patients of Connecticut Children’s Medical Center and Newington Children’s Hospital, and current and former students of the CCMC School, who will have completed high school by spring 2020 and will be attending college in fall 2020. For more information, see this LINK.

James L. Goodwin Memorial Scholaship ($1,000-5,000) Deadline: 3/20/20 Student must be enrolling in undergraduate or graduate in silviculture or forest resource management.

Jason Lantieri Memorial Scholarship Deadline: 3/31/20. Open to any HKHS graduating student needing financial assistance. The individual does not need to have chosen any specific area of study. The student should exhibit compassion and positive energy in all facets of life. Special consideration will be given to those who have overcome diversity or an obstacle in their life.

John A. Bertolini Memorial Scholarship Fund ($1000) Deadline: 4/3/20 This scholarship is based on scholastic standing, contribution to school activities, strong community involvement and citizenship. Special  consideration to high school senior who demonstrates leadership, character, scholarship and perseverance in the face of obstacles.

Killingworth Ambulance Association Deadline: 4/17/20 Applicant needs to be a resident of Killingworth, majoring in the medical, emergency services (fire, police, etc.) or other allied fields, have community service, and have maintained at least a 3.0 GPA.

Killingworth Scholarship Association Deadline: 3/31/20  Applicant must be Killingworth resident. Scholarship based on a combination of academic achievement, character, leadership skills, community service and participation in school activities. Last year KSA awarded more than $10,000 to 2019 graduating seniors.

Killingworth Women’s Association Deadline: 4/1/20 For a young woman who resides in Killingworth. Scholarship based on the following criteria: community service, content of essay, letters of recommendation, GPA & timely/complete application.

Kline Family Community Service Scholarship Deadline: 4/20/20. For a student who is attending UCONN next year and has demonstrated commitment to community service.

Lee Formica Grant ($500) Deadline: 4/10/20 Awarded to senior entering a teacher education program.

Lorraine C. McHugh Scholarship ($2000) Deadline: 3/30/20. This scholarship is awarded to a High School senior who will be attending one of the four CT State University System Schools (ECSU, CCSU, SCSU & WCSU, as well as UCONN). The criteria for selection is based on scholastic achievement, extra-curricular excellence and community service involvement. This individual should be highly motivated with a positive attitude toward learning.

Margaret Rose Nielsen Grant ($500) Deadline 4/10/20 Awarded to a high school senior planning to pursue a degree in a teacher education program in math, science, or technology.

Meggie Dawn Memorial Scholarship ($1000) Deadline: 5/1/20. This scholarship is for a senior planning on attending a 4-year college in Education, Social Sciences or Therapy Services. Selection will be based on academic achievement, leadership, contributions to school and Community service, and interest in assisting others to reach their full potential in living a productive life.

Middlesex County Dental Society ($2500) Deadline: 4/1/20. Students applying to a two or four year college, in any course of study, are encouraged to apply. Applicants must show superior academic standing, interest in community service, and involvement with extracurricular activities.

Middlesex County Farm Bureau Inc. Agricultural Scholarship ($500) Deadline: 5/1/20. For a student who will attend a two or four year college of agriculture.

Middlesex Hospital Vocal Chords ($2000) Deadline: 3/24/20. Qualified students must be planning a career in Nursing or Music and have been accepted at an accredited college or university with one of these majors. The review committee will consider academic record, extracurricular and community service activities, the student’s ability to articulate his/her career goals and the recommendations of the references.

Middletown Rotary Club (Deadline: 3/13/20) Students should have a solid record of demonstrated commitment to the concept of Service Above Self, have a 3.0 GPA and above, demonstrated financial need as evidenced by a total household family net income of $125,000 or less, the ability to communicate a positive attitude and sincere motivation.

Milton Fisher Scholarship ($5000) Deadline 5/1/20  For students who have come up with a distinctive solution to a problem faced by your family, school, community or world or who have solved an artistic, scientific or technical problem in a new or unusual way.

Nathaniel B. Field Memorial Scholarship  Deadline: 4/30/20.  Created by the Field family in 2015, this scholarship honors Nathaniel Field. Requirements: current senior at HKHS continuing their education in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) or mental health related field.

Patsy Kamercia Memorial Scholarship Deadline: 4/1/20. This award will be presented to a student who embodies Pasty Kamerica, has a pioneer spirit, commitment to excellence and dedication to HKHS. Open to all graduating seniors.

Peter Ladd/Johnny Moran Memorial Scholarship ($2500) Deadline 4/24/20 Graduating student who contributes to their community through volunteer service with children or adults with special needs. For more information, see this LINK.

Phi Delta Kappa Scholarship ($750) 4/3/20 Public high school student who will be majoring in Education.

Purdy Family Technical Education/Engineering Scholarship ($1000) Deadline: 4/30/20. This scholarship was created for students who have found their niche in the Technology Education department at Haddam Killingworth High School. It was created by a family who credits these courses and especially the teachers in the department with providing an engaging experience, opportunities for non-traditional learners to do hands on work, and inspiring an interest in technology and/or engineering. Requirements: Applicants must be a senior at Haddam Killingworth High School. Applicants must be accepted in an accredited undergraduate program or technical school. Applicants must have taken several courses in the Technology Education department. Applicants should have an interest in pursuing a career in a field inspired by courses taken in the department.

PWC Scholarship (Professional Women in Construction) Deadline: 3/25/20 Students pursuing a degree in the designated fields of study: construction, construction management, interior design, architecture, landscape design or civil, mechanical, structural, or electrical engineering. For more information, see this LINK.

Raymond E. Baldwin Scholarship Deadline: 3/30/20. This scholarship is awarded in honor of the late Raymond E. Baldwin who served the State of CT as a Governor, US Senator and Supreme Court Justice. The criterion for selection of the recipient of this scholarship is Academic Achievement.

Ride 4 Justin Deadline: 4/1/20. For a firefighter (or spouse, (step) child or sibling of a firefighter). The scholarship is based totally on volunteerism.  For more information, see this LINK.

Robert T. Kenney Scholarship Deadline: 3/31/20 Scholarship awarded primarily on financial need with consideration to academic achievement and community involvement, and may be renewed up to four years. For more information, see this LINK.

Shoreline Community Women ($2500) Deadline 5/4/20 For a student who is a resident of Haddam or Killingworth (male or female).

Terrie Lusis Scholarship Deadline: 3/31/20. Arts major which may include performance (vocal or dance), stage and/or set design, lighting, theater or music education, theater or music business, etc.

Virginia R. Rollefson Environmental Leadership Scholarship ($1000) Deadline 3/12/20  For recognition of high school junior or senior for his/her participation in program, project, or activity that benefits conservation, preservation, restoration, or environmental education.

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