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Troopers: Chester & Tylerville Attempted Auto Theft/Break-ins

By Kathy Brown.

(March 29, 2021) There were posts all over Facebook and social media yesterday about an attempted auto theft in Chester in the early morning hours, where shots were fired, but no one was injured, and the suspects fled the scene. “The suspect vehicle is described as a light-colored four-door sedan, possibly a Honda. No plate,” said Haddam Trooper DeAngelo. “Surveillance footage shows several occupants within the vehicle, however the footage was not clear enough to provide a good description of the occupants.”

In the Tylerville section of Haddam on the same night, suspects attempted to get into vehicles that were parked at Andrew’s Marina on Bridge Road. “The vehicles were locked,” said Trooper DeAngelo, “and they were unsuccessful.” Troopers secured the video surveillance footage from the Marina incident, and are “actively working on gathering any additional surveillance footage from area residences/businesses.”

“We are asking homeowners or business owners that may have any useful video footage to please contact Troop F,” said Trooper DeAngelo. “Also, if any suspicious activity or vehicles are noticed anytime (but particularly during the overnight hours), please contact Troop F at 860-399-2100 or as always, 9-1-1 for emergencies.”

Each spring there seems to be an increase in these types of incidents. Reminders:

Always keep your vehicles locked no matter where you live and try to keep them in well-lit areas.
Do not leave firearms in your vehicle. 
Set car alarms. 
Do not hide keys or key fobs in your vehicle. 
Consider installing or activating your vehicle GPS tracking units, i.e., On-Star. 
Do not leave your car running unattended even if it is for a few minutes.

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