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September 29, 2021 Special Town Meeting

By Meghan Peterson

On Wednesday, September 29, 2021, a Special Town meeting was held at the Community Room in the Haddam Volunteer Fire Company Station #1 at 7:00 p.m.

According to the legal notice available on and published in Haddam Killingworth News, Haddam’s paper of record, the purpose for the special meeting was to “consider and vote on adopting an Ordinance creating a Water Pollution Control Authority.”

First Selectman Bob McGarry called the meeting to order. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Dave Challenger was selected as moderator of the meeting. Scott Brookes, the Town Clerk, read the legal call to the meeting. McGarry then provided context for the meeting by explaining that state statute requires creation of a water pollution control authority to oversee implementation of a community septic/sewer system. It would also be the mechanism to oversee implementation of a water system in town.

The Water Pollution Control Authority would be in existence for as long as the ordinance remains in effect and as long as a community septic/sewer system exists. In other words, disbanding this authority would require the Town to “unadopt” the ordinance.

The ordinance passed.

Below is text of the ordinance (available at and in the Town Clerk’s Office)

Ҥ 45-33 Creation; authority; regulations.

The Town of Haddam hereby creates a Water Pollution Control Authority. Such authority shall have all the powers, purposes, objectives, duties and obligations set forth in Chapters 102 and 103 of the General Statutes of the State of Connecticut, Revision of 1958, and existing and future amendments thereto, and all powers inuring or granted to Water Pollution Control Authorities by § 7-246 and by other relevant sections of the General Statutes of Connecticut, Revision of 1958, and existing and future amendments thereto. Such authority shall have the power to develop and enforce activities to protect the groundwater and aquifers of the Town of Haddam. Said regulations promulgated by the authority shall be approved by the legislative body of the Town.

  • 45-34 Membership; terms.

Said Authority shall consist of the three (3) members of the Haddam Board of Selectman and two (2) alternates, all to be electors of the Town of Haddam, who shall be designated and approved by the Board of Selectmen and serve without compensation. Members shall serve for a term consistent with their term of office on the Board of Selectman and alternates shall serve for a term of three years from appointment.

  • 45-35 Officers; records; meetings.

The Authority shall elect a Chairman from among its own members at the first meeting and annually thereafter at the first meeting held after the first day of July in each year. The Authority shall appoint a Secretary. The Secretary shall keep a complete record of the proceedings of the Authority and, when ordered by the Authority, shall file the same with the Town Clerk. All such records shall be open for public inspection at reasonable hours. A calendar of regular monthly

meetings shall be filed annually in the Town Clerks office in accordance with State Statute. Special meetings of the Authority may be called by the Chairman or any three members upon 24 hours’ notice thereof.

  • 45-36 Budget.

The Authority shall prepare annually a budget of estimated revenue and expenditures for the ensuring fiscal year.

  • 45-37 Removal of members.

A commissioner may be removed, for inefficiency or neglect of duty, by the Board of Selectmen after a hearing conforming to recognized standards of due process of law; a commissioner shall be removed only after opportunity to be heard in person or by counsel before the Board of Selectmen at least 10 days prior to which he shall have been given a copy of the charges against him. In the event of the removal of any commissioner, a record of the proceeding, together with the charges and findings thereon, shall be filed in the office of the Town Clerk of Haddam.

Dated in Haddam, Connecticut this 2nd day of September 2021

Board of Selectmen, Robert McGarry, Kate Anderson and Sean Moriarty”





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