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Real Estate Transactions, July/August 2022

From The Hartford Courant


17 Teaberry Ct, J. W. and S. M. Houde to S. Segal and J. Bills, 7/19, $575,000

70 Burr Rd., Venture Parkland, LLC to D. and M. G. Rambo, 7/19, $605,000

243 Pokorny Rd., L. A. Prokop to J. and P. Beekley, 7/18, $481,000

75 Little Meadow Rd., GV Residential LLC and G. V. Vesta to Belle Vue Properties LLC, 7/25, $135,000

xx Landing Rd., L. Murad to R. and B. Murad, 8/1, $150,000

33 Little Fawn Trl., A. Bochman to K. S. Christensen, 8/3, $509,000

37 Sepunnomo Ln., J. Telan, Jr. and C. G. Telan to R. and L. Drozd, 8/1, $575,000

60 E. Shore Dr., B. G. Meyer Est. and L. M. Mascaro to J. V. and B. Meyer, 8/4, $222,500

224 Rock Landing Rd., T. M. and S. M. Macauley to M. Fournier, 8/2, $331,000

42 Old Cart Rd., Old Cart Rd. LLC to D. and S. Fontaine, 8/8, $110,000

439 Plains Rd., R. Hamilton to E. and N. Pullen, 8/9, $535,000


12 Cedar Dr., G. K. and H. M. Kennedy to J. and E. Maragliano, 7/18, $437,000

12 Lower Ledge Rd., A. L. and W. B. Duques to M. J. and L. Magner, 7/29, $803,000

55 Burr Hill Rd., P. R. and L. A. Horner to S. Guiheen, 7/25, $345,000

60 Schnoor Rd., J. Woodward and K. Kronberg to D. M. Moore and M. Davidson, 7/28, $400,000

370 Rt. 148, J. T. Hutchins and M. C. Rodini-Vansetti to S. J. Kooperkamp and W. C. Lopez, 7/26, $450,000

72 Birch Mill Rd., D. E. Baxter to R. M. and A. Hacker, 8/8, $1,050,000

35 Buell Hill Rd., J. and E. Hand to C. J. Winalski 3rd and A. Winalski, 8/4, $757,000




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